Is it summer yet? Or rather can we just please have some sunshine! Fear not this months Treat Box has some goodies I can indulge in while I dream of beach, bbq and park days with the kids. I’ve been thinking (shock! Time to think with two kids?) while going through this stuff, it crossed my mind, since the new year started the boxes have more self-care products in them instead of home trinkets. I personally prefer that and I think that they have mixed it up in a good way. I only have so much room for homely trinkets and It shows that by offering something new, they want their boxes to grow and change and I guess to help everyone get some TLC. I wouldn’t mind though If say next month I was to receive homely items, it’s about finding the balance and not offering too much of the same stuff. Which is what Treat Box is doing well.


Grab a coffee/tea and sit down to see read this post, put your feet up because you deserve some TLC.



Talking of coffee that was the first item in this months box that got me smiling. Firstly what the? Coffee in bags? I’m so into new unique things so it was instantly a winner. The white one is decaf and the black (my favourite) is filled with that extra needed energy boost. Does decafe coffee offer any (needed) energy boost? The exfoliating body scrub is nice and not too harsh on my body, it has a helpful strap on it to hold and as you will see below it stores nicely around my body wash.



I don’t know what it is about the below card but I really like it. Is it the catchy colours? Or the fact that it’s a cute card that I could gift to someone in need of a smile, not that I give my cards out as it’s my guilty pleasure to collect them.


If and that’s if I did ever decide to give my cards to anyone I could slot in the below little cards for that extra boost of love. Or I could put them in my purse, or in my scrapbook- so many things I can do.


Thank you Treat Box, no really I’m sure that the Treat Box team thought with Easter being over we would have devoured all of our chocolate by now, very much in need of more. I will admit I still have one Easter egg left. Logan has about four, this is the first year I’ve not helped him eat them… he would just know now and it’s rude to steal. He will share when he decides to open one though. I’m not trying the face mask at the moment as I did one last night and it burned when on. Nothing against face masks my skin/face after pregnancy is not good, it’s all dry and cracked which I’ve never had in my life. When my hormones calm down there’s hope to use anything other that sudocrem- you read right baby bum cream on my face helps.



I think they should add a happy checklist print every month as it’s a nice way to make sure we do things for ourselves, or even for others. I’m posting this on the 3rd which goes well with make someone smile, I’m smiling from these treats, they make a lot of people smile each month.


You can never have too many beach bags and I used last years one every time I went to the beach. It had seen better days so I had to throw it, luckily I now have another one to fill with Logan’s after swimming clothes, wet towel and half the beach- sand, rocks whatever Logan decides to take home.


There you have it some lovely items that remind me to relax, that helped me remember to keep up with some time just to myself. Just writing this post and taking these picture was fun. Aw the life of a busy parent. I wouldn’t have it any other way.