Are you a blogger? If so have you ever woken up at say five in the morning (this happened yesterday) and thought right I’m going to write a post? I had so many ideas, a fire to get writing, I knew I would regret waking up at five so I shut my brain off and went back to sleep, I had time in the day right? Nope. The fire is still there so I’m doing it, on my phone but that’s better than nothing, I want to start writing my weekly posts on things I’ve done or enjoyed laity so here goes. My first in a long time Life last week post. This time I’m doing it as a life over the past few months sorta thing but I’ll catch up, hopefully I can do a smaller one weekly.

Finally! The sun has stopped hiding behind the clouds. We did go to Paradise park a few weeks back but the sun decided to hide a lot on that day. We went there for my youngest nephews first birthday, we saw birds, ate cake, let the boys run around running off steam and had a lovely day all in all. I really want a proper camera and head back in the summer.

Paradise park at Hayle Cornwall

Paradise park at Hayle Cornwall

How cool is the cake that my sister made for my nephew below.


I got my son a Spider man night light and I repeat word for word ‘you are the best mummy’ Left his lips. He had a nightlight that broke and after weeks of begging I finally found a new one for him.

Spider-Man nightlight

We had our first bbq this year at a friend of Robs.


I might have to make a confession here, I don’t cook much, nope that’s one thing I’ve not mastered with two kids very well, eating out is the way forward. I have been to The Cornish Barn twice this month and oh my the Beer fried chicken is just everything. The deserts are spot on as well, just writing this had my taste buds going so if you are around Penzance I highly recommend the chicken. I also recommend trying their strawberry lemonade or something from the cocktail menu.

The Cornish Barn Penzance

The Cornish Barn Penzance

Beer fried chicken

The Vault in Penzance launched some new cocktails, a new cocktail menu which I’m determine to get through by the end of summer. My friends and I all got different ones and tried each other’s so it shouldn’t take too long. Vogue is my favourite so far and it’s the one with candy floss in it.

Cocktail at The Vault PenzanceCocktail at The Vault Penzance

Cocktail at The Vault Penzance

We headed down to the St.Ives Food and Drink Festival last Sunday, I said to Rob let’s not have Sunday lunch and just go down there and eat but he was keen for a roast. We went down full, he admitted I was right (as per ey) we regretted eating so next year we will go with empty stomachs as the food looked insane. I really wish I got some sushi but went with some crab that tasted like sick, I’ll stick with crab sticks from the super market. I had a Pimms which I had half of as it was making me tipsy, please don’t laugh like Rob did because I didn’t drink for almost a year so my body is like nah what are you. I got my son a unicorn lolly, unicorns are his favourite thing at the minute, I wonder who he gets that from?

Pimms at st.ives

St.Ives food and drink festival

We had our first Jelberts since it opened for the season.

Robs sister got me some lovely stuff from Paperchase. The candle smells so good.



I did some gardening with my nephew which reminds me I need to repot them.

Rob and I went on our first date since becoming parents of two, date nights are so important to me and we hope to have one at least once a month. we went to The Falmouth Packet Inn.



Have you ever been to Dairy Land? I took my son there for the second time in his life and  he wants to go back again. He had his first pony ride with his oldest cousin.




We sure love food festivals. We went down to Porthleven Food Festival and ate so much, good job we didn’t eat that time before going to a food festival. I would love to go next year without the kids and take a lot more photos and writing a review on the event. I got a unicorn cupcake and a little bottle of vodka, I wasn’t impressed with how much I paid for the pizza that as you can see has hardly any toppings on so it was dry.



I didn’t mention Luna as I’m writing her 3 month update this week so I’ll save the baby talk for then, she’s doing so well and still melting my heart everyday. I’ve had a nice couple of months really for a busy mum of two. I have had more lazy days than active ones but I’m slowly adapting and going with the flow of things, I’m hoping to do a Summer bucket list next week what should I put on it? I aim to get out as much as possible so I need to think of places to go in Cornwall. I have been adding the places I have been to on my highlights here on Instagram, places like the food festivals, Paradise park and so on. What are your summer plans?