You blink and they are soon to be starting school, feeding themselves, dressing themselves and giving you a lot of sas, it’s so my life at the minute with an almost four-year old. I blinked and three months have been a blur, a blissful one. Two kids filling their clothes, changing everyday and I can’t keep up.

Luna three months old

Luna has changed dramatically since last month and I can’t help but compare her to her brother as a baby, they are like twins. She’s such a happy baby just as he was and they both share a funny little temper. Luna screamed at my sister last week every time she moved her hand away from under her arm. Luna has a love to be holding something for comfort. Her brother still to this day has to be holding labels that are in clothes for comfort, a habit Luna is getting into. One thing that they don’t have in common is dummies. The annoying things that we can’t get my oldest to part from, how do I convince him to give them up before he starts school? Luna hates them, they make her gag, she just spits them out and much prefers to chew her hands or bottom lip.



Although Luna is a happy baby she has the funniest serious face I’ve ever seen, I generally think she’s going to be tutting at us all while growing up. She’s going to have Logan wrapped around her little finger that’s for sure. He already runs around after her, getting her toys, bibs if she spits up, wet wipes at the ready for when I change her, he doesn’t even get asked to do this stuff. He always says how she’s gorgeous, his baby girl, best friend and rather annoying when she cries. Luna has started to like him and stop giving him her serious face just this week, she treated him to a rare smile that she only gives to adults. I think with other kids being loud she has her guard up if that makes sense? She is more a quiet relaxing room kinda girl.



Luna is in size 3-6 months clothes and growing very fast. She still has no routine other than her night feed which is from five onwards usually but that can change at any moment. I do find myself saying now isn’t she suppose to have a routine by now? Maybe I thought it would happen naturally, most babies do by three months and I can’t tell you what time she has her day bottles or even how many. Maybe that’s the second child curse, my minds everywhere else, she just tags along in our busy life’s. I say all of that but looking back I put way too much thought into routines with my first, I’d frantically entertain him until the three hour feed gap was up, he’d cry, I’d feel useless, none of us won. Feeding on demand gives me a calmer baby. I also regret the evenings where my first was crying and I didn’t know what he wanted, can I go back and say girl he was over tiered walking around the front room trying to entertain him isn’t going to do anything. Now with Luna I go up stairs and put her music thing on and she falls asleep after a bottle. I make it sound easy but don’t be fooled, again it can all change any day, for now yeah it’s going smoothly. I must add though that grandparents are the best! I go on how things ain’t as tough as I thought they would be with two kids but I have grandparents to thank for that.



Luna was due her jabs today but they had no appointments for this week. Luna had her first night in her big girl bed yesterday and she slept really well, even with her first cold that is making her feel rotten. I love her new bed I just need to find a cute mobile thingy now to hang on it.



Went went to the beach a few times this month and Luna just sleeps the day away in our half tent, I had one with my first and highly recommend having a half tent with kids; Especially to eat out of sight from seagulls!




Luna is so chatty, she laughs when I talk to her which makes me laugh then her laugh even more. I like how she follows my voice and gets excited when she hears me. Every morning I give her a smile to get one in return with her legs kicking and arms flaring knowing milk isn’t far away, I think she just sees me as the milk lady. If I have her against me on her tummy she lifts her head right up so she can see me. If I stroke her chin she tries to eat my hand, to be honest she tries to eat anything and everything. Luna naps every two hours at the least but I can’t really predict her naps. I was going to write maybe by her next update I’ll be able to say she sleeps at, she feeds every so and so time but no. I am not stressing with routine as long as she is happy I’m happy, we are all happy so again we’ll go with the flow as it works best for us.