What is most important to you? I mean in life things that really matter to you the most, things that make you happy and feel a little fulfilled? It’s something that I’ve been thinking about recently because it’s time to maybe get out of my baby bubble and live a little. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy, happy is an understatement but I have learnt a lot since having my first child. The main thing I learnt when I had postnatal depression was to do the things that make me happy, to feel fulfilled and even motivate myself to be better. I thought it would be nice to write a list of the things that matter to me, things that help me and I guess ways to prevent myself from slumping into hibernation from everything and everyone.

Think happy print

1. That my kids are happy because they are my priority over everything and to be honest they make me the happiest. I can have the worst day yet when I see my kids it’s no longer a bad day, I guess they are also my biggest motivation.

Brother and sister

2. Sleep is very important to me, iconic with a twelve week old baby I know. Luna sleeps like a dream so I’m pretty lucky. If I don’t sleep well I generally have no motivation and struggle badly in the day time to get anything done, I’d rather slump onto the sofa and save the chores for tomorrow. I do not see anyone if I’m tiered so going out becomes a big no and I feel really fatigued when tired.

Unicorn bedding

3. Being creative with my mind. Blogging helps with this but I don’t have much to blog about if I don’t physically get creative with say crafts, baking or even with my pictures. Again lack of sleep can really make me feel not creative, it can be a vicious cycle. At the minute I’m creative with my one line a day book and my Letters to my baby  book so I am not hard done by, I get some time to do them.


4. Baths. My guilty pleasure. The thing that would make me never rent a home without a bath tub, how anyone lives with only a shower I’ll never know. When I was carrying Logan I had a bath everyday to help my twitchy legs. I can sit in one for a good hour, or two. I love bath bombs, body washes, anything to do with a good soak and pamper.

Bath products


5. Shopping is of course a big thing for me and something I’ve always found to be rather therapeutic. Had a bad day, shop. Going somewhere and need a new outfit, shop. Bored, shop, you see it has a time and place for every mood and occasion. Sainsbury’s is my favourite it’s my happy place as I call it, it has everything I like to look at and buy.

6. Spending time with my whole family is a must in my life. I can already see the benefits in Logan with how involved we have been with family members, doing things, he worships all of his grandparents and gets excited when he knows we will see them.


7. work, what? Who likes working? MEEE. I have worked since the day I turned 16. When I was at college I had three jobs and took pride in the fact that I paid for everything I needed. I found and reached for my current job that I’ve been doing for five years. I worked, had my son and last year while pregnant I finished a course in health a social care lvl 2.

8. My relationship with my partner, my children’s father, my best friend 99% of the time depending on if he leaves his socks on the bedroom floor. Really though I see my son watching us and how we treat each other. He’s already learning how to treat a future partner and I’m lucky to say that we don’t argue often and if we do it’s about little things, like the socks on the floor. He watches us laughing together and working as a team so I have high hopes on how he would treat a future partner.


This list wasn’t done in any particular order. I think that even if say in one week I am succeeding in one or done a couple of the things that matter to me then I’m content, I’ve not got the time to do everything. I need to in a way focus on what I can or have done and not what I’ve not achieved.  It’s easy to sulk and say I’ve not had a bubble bath this week or seen my family, yet my kids are happy and maybe I’ve had time spend with my partner. Finding the right balance is key. What would be on your list of this that are important to you?