Yay! I told you that I would catch up on my life last week posts. Firstly a reminder on what they are. I use to do a summary of my week but come every Sunday to write that post I was struggling to stay awake, or find time in the day. So If I do a post as a reflection on the week before I have seven days to (hopefully) write and post about what I’ve been up to. Do you get me? I don’t do as much as what I use to do in a way but that’s fine, I’m so there for the lazy days and of course I’m stuck doing a lot of chores as well as picking up after two kids.


Because my home life is busy isn’t it lovely to head back to the place that you grew up (my mums) and be pampered? When I go to my mums I have no chores to do, kids to pick up after because the gem loves soaking up her grandkids, letting me even sneak a nap in if needed. My mum feeds us and helps me even bath the kids if it’s bath day. I said to my friend the other day everyone needs a Debs in their life, not mine though she’s a keeper. Robs mum is also a keeper because she helps me with washing and spends a lot of time with Logan. Babies sleep so there’s not a lot to do with Luna yet for them. Of course the grandparents sneak in the cuddles. I’m very lucky that the women in my kids life deserve gold stars, or a vacation if I ever win the lottery, we can all but dream. My mum got the kids bubble gum ice cream but we all know that’s my favourite so, mine! It even had popping candy on it.

bubble gum ice-cream bubble gun ice-creambubble gum ice-cream

Speaking of grandparents they also don’t mind baby sitting which allows Rob and I to be children free, date night was so yummy! I don’t feel guilty going out for an hour or two as our parents actually like the kids. Shocker I know, they actually want them or ask for them, they’ve never gone a week without seeing them to be fair. We went for cocktails and a nice meal last Friday. We are going to the cinema in a few weeks and might just have to sneak a meal in before.

ice-cream from The Vault in Penzance

Burger from The Vault in Penzance

Cocktails in The Vault in Penzance

Did you see our new bubble machine on my Instagram story that I got my son? He’s had bubble machines before but I’ve never been overly impressed with them, a few bubbles is boring right? I’ve always wanted one that was like a volcano. When I saw that Sainsbury’s had one for £15 I knew why it was my favourite shop.

bubble machine from Sainsburys

bubble machine from Sainsburys

I like to be well ahead of myself now days to save myself from stressing when things are not done. I wrapped his presents up last week, to also stop him from seeing them again hiding in my wardrobe. My son is turning four tomorrow *sobs* four though really! How. He’s had a hectic last twelve months, he’s had to adapt to so many changes so my heartstrings are like spoil the poor boy. So I did. He’s also starting big school soon which makes me feel guilty. He’s got so many new toys, clothes, learning books and even some slim which everyone is raving about. I really hope that he has the best birthday to be honest as he deserves it.

I have always wrapped presents up in different papers, do you do that?

birthday presents

I wasn’t impressed with the £2 tag I got from Sainsbury’s. Do you ever rush buying something without reading it? I presumed there would be more than one tag in the packet at that price.


Did you have really nice weather last week? We did, we could finally go to the beach properly to dip our feet into the cold water on the Saturday and again on the Sunday. I had to beg my son to get on a boat to go for a boat ride as I knew he would love it. The second that he was on the boat he hugged me, he told me that he loved it and that he’s glad that he did it, he faced his fear which was very brave of him. We got on the boat at St.Ives harbour then the boat took us to a place called Seal Island.

sand castlepanniicecreamchild at the beachseal island st.ivesboat ride in st.ivesseal island

I’m super excited for the summer but I’m a little nervous about having two kids for the whole of it. I say that but I’m looking into getting my oldest into summer school for a few afternoons, I don’t want him to start school unprepared so I’m hoping that they would help him adjust to the thought. Maybe I need to go to summer club to adjust to the thought myself! I don’t know what it is with school, why do us parent get so worked up about it?