My boy turned four on Monday and loved all of his presents. I must admit isn’t it hard to shop for children? I mean to find stuff that gets used more than once, to avoid the stuff that costs a fortune that ends up broken, then in the bin a year later. Over the years I have learnt that it’s all good to buy things but it’s best to shop around first. I found some sale items are good, but I found myself just buying things because they had half price written on it. It’s also hard because kids favourite things change, the shows they watch, the hobbies they get into, generally this year I have really thought long and hard on what to get. I thought I would share with you what myself or family members got my son for his fourth birthday. Maybe you can even get some ideas on what to get a four year old.

For a child that loves water, pirates and doing things outside, the pirate boat was a brilliant present from my sons great Aunt.

Pirate attack water boat from John Lewis

My boy loves reading and as said above, pirates. He is also really into the Avengers at the minute as well as collection figurines so the below books were a win.

Pirate book and Avengers book

Who else has a child starting school in September? I really want to help my child be prepared with learning the basic stuff like how to use a pen. The Works have some great offers on at the minute, stuff for for all ages.



Who else has a four-year old son that LOVES Unicorns? My mum got him a Unicorn paddling pool from Argos, we are just waiting for a hot day to get the beaut out.

Unicorn paddling pool

Lego is my least favourite thing to have in the house, seriously though it takes so long to pick up, after being played with and somehow ends up hiding all over the house. It’s not about me though so we got some more for the best smile when opened. Every child needs a fart gun, the laughs I hear from my son are just everything.

fart gun and lego

We love bubbles in this house and now we can make big ones.

Bubble fun pond

My son tried so hard to keep his Unicorn onesie on, on a hot day but soon said ‘mummy I am very hot!’ He loves it, it will fit him during the winter so I am sure he will live in it then.

unicorn onesie

I have the January sales to thank for the silly scented marker maker. We have already made so many pens which made for a fun morning.

silly scents marker maker

silly scents marker maker

I got this Doh Vinci set in the clearance sales from Toys R Us last year and put it away.

doh vinci

I needed to get the gun for the above set as it didn’t come with one. I was in Truro last month and saw the Trolls set included it, at the same price as just the gun was online.

Trolls Doh Vinci

My son actually likes to get clothes so we got him lots for his birthday. We got them from Sainsburys, Next and Primark.



boys tops from Next

spider man vest

Batman top from Next

We have now watched Ferdinand three times.

Star Wars pyjamas

We always have a main present and this year it was a gun set from Tesco’s.

Laser X

If you never had magic plastic as a kid you should have.

magic plastic

My son keeps stealing my bathbombs so I got him his own set from lush.

Family members get the best stuff!


As you can see I had one lucky boy who well and truly got spoilt by everyone. I didn’t manage to get pictures of a few other things that he got from people like a water gun, costume, money, spiderman car and a few other bits and bobs. He was so grateful and after the year he’s had he deserved to be spoilt. If you can’t be spoilt on Your birthday then when can you? I will add in my life last week post, next week what we did for the day.

birthday presents