I just read back through my Bullet journal which I posted well over a year ago. Firstly WOW, my photo taking has really improved and secondly, go me, I still use my bullet journal (sometimes) to just write lists, like my bucket lists. I haven’t ever shared my lists so after I share with you my goals for this summer I’ll also reflect on how a bucket list has helped- helped me do the things I inspire to achieve be that a simple beach day.

bullet journal

I want to admit that I cheat. I kinda count my summer from when the sun comes out and the summer clothes are worn. Even though summer is a few weeks away I have started to tick things off, though things that I am sure that I will do very often over the summer. I do not have the time to sit and pamper my inner creative side, I literally had to grab my stickers and wash tape, not very Pinterest worthy but still I like how it turned out.

summer bucket list

  • Beach
  • Dairyland
  • BBQ
  • Picnic
  • Paradise park
  • Zoo
  • Fireworks
  • Strawberry picking
  • Boat trip
  • make ice lollies
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Gardening
  • Fair
  • Get a camera
  • make daisy chains
  • Camping

I find that my 2018 list slightly mimics my list from last summer which is below.

summer bucket list

As you can see I did not do everything that I wanted to do last summer because I fell pregnant. Looking back, during my pregnancy I had little motivation to do much, work and a toddler was enough to juggle whilst pregnant, let alone day trips. Maybe I can make up for it this year? I am so determined to spend my maternity leave doing so much. So far I feel proud with how much I have done whilst adapting to two kids, some days I would happily stay in bed all day- some days I do which is my treat after a busy weekend. If you Read my life last week posts you will see a lot of the things that we do. Our beach days, food, day trips, family time and even the little pleasure that I indulge in when I can (cake). Below is my autumn bucket list and you will notice that I almost did everything that I wanted to do.

autumn bucket list

By having the lists I find it helps me decide on what to do over the weekend when my partners not at work. Do you ever struggle to think of things to do for family days? Maybe a bucket list could benefit you as it does me. What would you put on your list? or even, do you have any things that I should add on mine? I will come back after summer with an Autumn list as well as reflect on how much I did from my summer one, a list I hope to complete.