Have you heard of a One Line A Day Book? When I saw it in December I knew that it had to be on my Christmas Wishlist. My partner got the hint and got it for me. I wasn’t sure on what type of memories to note down each day for the next five years, seeing as I was due to have a baby, should it be based on her I thought. I didn’t want my son to feel left out one day when reading it, so that also crossed my mind. I decided to generally write stuff that was the highlight of our day, be that about my son or my daughter, or cake, I’m easily pleased.

One Line A Day book

I somehow got my book slightly wet ( or a little four-year old did) the gold looks like it’s rubbing off. It’s a good size to fit into my handbag if I ever did want to take it out and about with me.

One Line A day book

I like how the front page has a space to write my address down, just incase I was to ever lose my book outside.


I have to be careful with what pen I use in it as I found that it would show onto the other side slightly with some pens. I started my book on the first on January, of this year which already seems so long ago now. I thought I would share some of the things I have written down on different days below…

January 1st – Today is my last day at work and then I start my 9 months maternity leave. I wonder when baby will appear to keep me busy.

January 3rd – We spent the day at my mums house. Soon she will have her fourth grandchild, her first granddaughter which is rather exciting.

January 13th – We baked some gingerbread men today, then we decorated them. Today has been hard though as I always have bad heartburn and reflux.

January 19th – I am finally adding bits to my scrapbook from my baby shower.

February 1st – baby girl is due this month! She could be a March baby if late like her brother was.

february 23rd – HAPPY DUE DATE!! Will you be on time or late? Please come I am dying to meet you.

February 28th – Happy birthday little Luna. You are so perfect.

March 2nd – Luna let me have 4 hours straight sleep last night, I felt so refreshed after not sleeping for days.

March 9th – I left Luna for the first time today with my mum, Rob and I ate some lunch in the car to then rush back as we missed her too much.

March 11th – It’s my first mothers day today as a mother of two, I am so lucky. They got me a lovely bracelet. They also spoilt me with cuddles.

March 23rd – Today I got my hair cut for the first time in two years!

April 4th – Luna smiles so much at the minute. She mostly does it in the morning or in the evening.

April 8th – We took our son and nephew to Dairy Land today. Today was so nice, it was so sunny out.

April 16th – Half term is over, I did it! I survived two whole weeks with two kids.

May 10th – Luna has been dribbling so much. My son played out in the garden all day and I stay in my pyjamas all day. Not sorry.

May 16th – Wow. Yesterday was my sons due date, if he wasn’t late it would have been his birthday. I wrapped his presents today all ready for the 28th.

May 19th – The kids and I went to St.Ives. I took my son on a boat trip and we saw seals. We went with my mum, sister and nephew.

May 28th – I now have a four-year old! My son wanted a picnic at the cricket club so we did that. He also got a unicorn birthday cake which he asked for.

June 3rd – We went to Paignton Zoo today and then Paignton Pier. We didn’t get home until 10pm!

June 8th – We went to The Royal Cornwall Show today. I have never been and always wanted to go. I also popped into Next and got Luna some bits.


One Line A Day Book

I am so excited to carry on using this book and compare each day when I have been using it for a year. Already when I look back at this time last year I am like wow, I was four weeks pregnant and didn’t know it yet. This time two years ago we viewed our first family home. So much has changed and we wouldn’t have our lives any other way.