When doing these Life last week posts It gives me a sense of accomplishment. When people found out that I was pregnant with Luna they would say, life’s going to be harder, it’s not going to be easy, so many negative comments. I personally feel as though my life has gotten better and that Luna has not enabled us to do things. We now do stuff as a family of four, be that by just having a lazy day cuddling the kids while watching Disney films. If that isn’t pure bliss then I don’t know what is. Don’t get me wrong though I still have days were my hair is greasy, breakfast happens at lunch time, that I don’t get as much time on my own. I’m okay with that.


I did get to bake some unicorn cupcakes last week which I think turned out nicely.

unicorn cupcakes

I also got to head out with my sister for a couple of drinks for the first time together in nearly two years. I’ve been out for meals since having Luna but not out out- out out means that I entered a club got very drunk and stayed out past twelve. I saw a couple of Robs friends and they all said ‘Is Rob babysitting tonight?’ All while looking like they thought, go him! Best dad in the world medal needed. Do I even need to comment on that ridiculous comment? I didn’t know you could babysit your own kids, what’s the hourly wage I should be getting then?


I won some amazing stationery goods that my son has claimed for himself. I feel bad but I might have kept the cool dinosaur page markers for myself, he didn’t notice. The stuff made him even more excited for school in September.

Dinosaur stationery

dinosaur page markers

I did some Shopping, my guilty pleasure, my favourite hobby, the love of my life, sales. Sainsbury’s is slowly sorting out Lunas 9-12 month stuff, at the rate she’s growing she will be in that size soon.


This last one is so photo heavy you might want to sit down for a minute. I sure had to sit down a hundred times at The Royal Cornwall show, that place was endless! I gave up trying to see everything. We saw about half of it and my unfit jelly legs could do no more. What we did see had me in my element.

Below is the map!

The Royal Cornwall

The flower tent was my favourite, the Peter Rabbit display was the most incredible thing I have ever seen.

Peter rabbit flower display

Peter rabbit flower display

Peter rabbit display

I wish I had more storage space to bombard you with all of the photos I took. Below is just a slice of what else I saw.

The Royal Cornwall

The Royal Cornwall show

The Royal Cornwall show

I definitely think that last week has been the most chilled out week that we have had in months. I say that but this week has also been about refuelling, relaxing and doing as little as possible. What did you get up to last week?