I have been thinking a lot recently about how my life has changed dramatically in the last 12 months. On Monday to the day last year I saw two clear lines on a pregnancy test, I was five weeks pregnant and unknown to me little Luna’s heartbeat started. She was the size of a poppy-seed, we didn’t know if she was a he or a she yet, what she would look like, be like, I had so many questions. I am now cuddling a beautiful sleeping little girl who shares my heart with her brother. I often think how am I this lucky? To have two healthy perfect kids. I also keep thinking of how far I’ve come as a person. I have been through some dark times with postnatal depression after my first child, I was waiting for it to happen again after having Luna. I was lying in bed thinking how would I know if I had it again? I answered that to myself in seconds. I look at myself now compared to three years ago and see I’m in such a good place, I don’t ache all over everyday, I can get out of bed without lying there for hours not wanting to get up, I don’t cry for no reason, I laugh and enjoy the simple things. This time last year I feared the unknown but I can honestly say I’m embracing life and what it throws at me. This month has been beautiful with Luna to share our family adventures with.


Luna now has a routine! I didn’t stress, I didn’t over think it, it just happened, she just naturally found her way. I will add that we have just come out of the four month sleep regression that hit early but things are becoming normal again. At the start of the month Luna was asleep by eight, two weeks in we were back to a ten o’clock bedtime – Darn sleep regression. This week we are back to early nights again so I can’t complain. She doesn’t cluster feed and only has four to five bottles in the day. She has one short nap in the morning, a two hour nap after lunch time and one or two small ones in the evening. This all depends on what we do. If anyone is around she will have more small naps in the day instead of her two hour one. If we are alone and in bed she will nap longer, she’s not big on noise.



Luna hates being outside, she doesn’t like bright lights, she doesn’t like loud cars, she doesn’t like anywhere but my room or the front room and loves the curtains being shut which I do when she naps. She’s the happiest when lying next to me in bed, she smiles, talks to me, plays with her toys, all things she won’t do when out – when out she glares at me with a frown. She still loves her feet being massaged, her new favourite thing is when I stroke her head.


My favourite things that Luna does are…

Her trying to eat her feet.

When she sucks her bottom lip.

When she screams at me, grabs my hair and borrows her forehead against mine as if she’s play fighting.

When she is drinking her bottle and suddenly she looks up at me and smiles to then carry on drinking.

I love it when she is crying for milk, the sound of relief she makes when she finally gets it is adorable. She also grabs the bottle with both of her hands holding it tight.

You know that look dogs give you when you eat in front of them? Well Luna gives me that look everyday which makes me laugh.

I love how I’m the only one who can settle Luna when she’s cranky, I know how to make her smile as well as what she needs more than anyone. Robs very good don’t get me wrong but that girl is a for sure mummy’s girl. I say that but our son is a mummy’s boy as well, they love their dad but need me when they are feeling meh.

I could list about a thousand things that I’m loving about Luna.


We do more tummy time now, does any baby actually like it though? Luna rolled over for the first time this week so I’m sure there’s more of that to come. Her laugh and smile is probably my favourite thing about her, I still to this day love hearing my son laugh as well as remember his first laugh. I’m determined to write every milestone down, how I wish I had done that with my first.




Now that Luna can hold her own head up we put her in our nephews jumperoo, as you can see by her face below she wasn’t sure on it.

Luna was born with loads of hair which sadly fell out, I have noticed that her hair is now growing back.


Luna is still slightly still put off with our sons bubbly personality. I said last month how much they had in common as babies but now I’m like they are so opposite to each other. I’m sure in time though Luna will be shouting and jumping around with her brother, or give him her evil glare still, who knows. I do know that when my son is calm and cuddly she will give him a smile.




I think I’ve just about babbled on about everything. This month has been a big one with so many new things and changes, last month she was napping every two hours and slept through any noise. Any predictions on next month’s update? Will our baby sit up on her own? Will she say mama? What age do they even say their first word?

I almost forgot but guess who is in 6-9 months clothes? Leggings are tight around her belly and she’s so tall meaning her baby grows were getting snug.