To do this post (a week late) I had to have a very late two hour nap to muster up some energy. Napping is a rare thing with two kids but very much desired! I try to not nap now as it stops me falling asleep early, I end up a zombie the next day but tonight I was so desperate to write this post. Luna is now five months old and she has shocked me hugely these past four weeks with how fast she’s learning. I can’t help but think about what my son was like at five months, it would have been October, his first Halloween, it seems like a lifetime ago. My son was also a fast learner and by that I mean they both have rolled, moved around the room earlier than I thought possible. Luna is my bubble of happiness, I look at her contagious smile and feel like I want that moment to last forever. When my son speaks now I often ask him to say curtains words again because his voice is adorable.


As I mentioned Luna has mastered getting around to grab everything and anything, nappy changes are interesting! I wonder how many times I have to roll her back over onto her back. Below is an example of the little wiggler rolling.


Oddly enough with tummy time you know when babies get frustrated with being on their tummy, or frustrated when rolling onto their tummy and not being able to roll back, Luna didn’t get frustrated. I mean she learnt to roll both ways more or less right away so she just flips herself back elegantly. She always pops her head up when rolling onto her tummy giving me a I’m proud of myself smile which is sweet.



We still get her serious face when she’s not impressed. People have started to understand and believe me now when I’ve said this girl really hates going outside, she will not smile when outside in her pram. I’ve found it’s her pram that she dislikes as she’s fine when on a blanket at the park or in my arms for cuddles. My back isn’t the best which is why I can’t baby carry which is a shame.



I saved a bunch of my sons baby toys which Luna has started to play with. It’s nice as my son will go out of his way to get his toys and let her play with them, he’s started to understand that little toys are dangerous. He’s not great at not leaving little toys lying around but he’s slowly learning to pick up after himself. I have to clear the floor, hoover and double-check the room before Luna can go exploring, my biggest fear is her choking so I have to be super careful. I guess with babies you have to be constantly on the ball.


I mentioned last month that Luna was not too keen on her bubbly brother, that has completely changed. I can honestly say that my son is her favourite person to laugh at and I don’t know why. He can look at her and she laughs, if he bounces on my bed she will roar and cough from laughing so much. I think he’s mastered  to not scream at her but rather approach her gently. I might sound wicked for saying this but one thing I laugh at is when he cuddles her and she grabs his hair in both of her hands. He will scream I don’t like baby girl, get her away from me, that was naughty tell her off. I have to pretend to have a serious conversation with her on how that wasn’t very nice, he pipes up as well saying naughty baby, I’m laughing while writing this, it’s just so comical.




Luna went for her first little swim but the pool was a little cold so she wasn’t keen. It cooled her down though with the heat we’ve had, is anyone else keen for Autumn and some cool weather now?



The below picture isn’t of Luna sitting up like a pro it’s just her first attempt at sitting up which she did for about five seconds. I don’t get her to sit up much while supported which I need to make more of an effort to do, reluctantly though, I want her to stay a baby for a little while longer and not rush her growing up.


Luna really is a little charmer and full with a personality of her own, she is such a funny little character. She keeps me super busy with my son and I wouldn’t have my life any other way. I would like a full night sleep though! I think she might be teething so she has been up fussing or wanting milk every two hours most nights these last few weeks, hence my much-needed nap this evening to get a pinch of energy. I don’t mind though as again it’s a stage my son went through so I know it will pass. I can’t wish time away for better sleep when I want time to slow down with her growing, with the good I have to accept the bad sleep deprived moments.