I started doing my life week posts but found myself with no time or energy to do them. I had a chest infection that lasted for three weeks, I then had a sick bug. I’m at a point in life were I feel like I’ve had no time for myself to blog, do anything creative as my spare energy goes on my kids. But do you know what does that matter? Like really does it matter that my hot bubble baths are now luke warm with a toddler splashing me. My evenings are not quiet or relaxing, they are not lonely or boring, they mean stories, movies, clearing up toys that my son has loved to play with. It’s the best time for cuddles while they are sleepy snuggled into me. To be honest last month was a complete shamble as my mum also found out she has cervical cancer! She is having a scan today and then when the results are in she will start intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy everyday for six weeks. We are defiantly overdue some good luck. Here’s what we have been up to  so far over summer, while savouring as many family memories as we can. I’m pretty happy while looking at these pictures knowing that nothing can stop us enjoying life together. I will post a part 2 at the end of summer as I like to share what we have been up to, I also love reading back on posts.


In less than a month I will have a child at school for five days a week and that is a lot to digest. How has this moment come so fast? He was drinking from a bottle, wearing nappies, needing me 24/7 just a moment ago. Okay, awhile ago but it still feels like yesterday. We celebrated my sons last day at nursery, I felt so sad for him, so many of his closest friends are too young to be going to school so he might never see them again. He’s super excited though which helps me know he’s ready.


We always go strawberry picking so to change it up was picked raspberries and blackberries. We also came across some pumpkins growing! Ah I’m so excited and ready for Autumn now as we know it’s my favourite time of the year.




We met up with my nephew and his mum to go to the park and then the arcade.


After the day out at the park and arcade with my nephew and his mum we planned to meet the day after. My friend Ebony and her daughter join us for lunch and mini golf, I am keen to go back for some more food.



On what seemed like the only cool day we had recently we headed to Tehidy woods. We fed the squirrels by hand and walked around for a good hour. I have asked Rob for a pair of wellies and a rain coat for my birthday for Autumn walks there, I’m determined to get out so much when my son starts school so Luna doesn’t get bored being stuck in with me.



I have treated myself a lot this month as I really want to make more of an effort to feel nice. I only have the clothes I wore while pregnant or a bunch or pre pregnancy crop tops that won’t fit me, I would wear them but my post baby gut won’t be charming to see- maybe next summer! I got some boots that are not my usual thing but I’m keen to be adventurous with my style this Autumn.


My mum, sister and dad went to the circus with me, it wasn’t the usual clowns and laughter but rather a burlesque naughty kinda show. One of the women in the show had a baby eight months ago and I wanted to high-five her. I couldn’t imagine walking around in a saucy piece for hundreds to see, she looked fabulous.


I went to dinner with Rob and his family but took no pictures of my own food, like what, did it happen if I didn’t get a photo?! I did take a photo of Robs desert though.


They had an open day at our local fire station which they do every year. Last year I was sadly working so Robs mum took Logan then. I was so happy that I could take him this year, I want maternity leave to last forever as it’s so nice to miss nothing. I wonder what my son’s job role will be when he’s older? One days it’s a cricket player, the next a builder, who knows. As long as he’s happy in what he does I will fully support his goals.



I have started to draft up ideas for my Autumn bucket list as that could take a few weeks, or months at this rate. Of course I had little fingers touching my stuff wanting to get creative. I don’t mind my son touching my stuff as I remember my mum sharing all of her art stuff with me while growing up, her makeup was also my favourite thing to touch.



The below photo is basically an example of what each day has left us feeling like. Though I started this post with the awful times it’s just the reality, the reality that although someone’s life might look fun, fabulous, filled with adventures, it doesn’t mean they have a perfect life. I also like to think that life events can’t hold people back and push us to do what we love be that a simple relaxing walk with family. Family is my priority and without them looking through these pictures, what would my life be like?