How is my girl half a year old already? Has anyone got some sort of pause button they can lend me? Or even a time machine so I can relive every second that my kids have graced me with their cuteness. This time last year I was days away from finding out that I would be having a daughter. This time last year my son went on a log flume and vowed to NEVER go on one again, he went on one this month and loved it. This time last year I was so ill from pregnancy but one thing I was sure of, is that no matter how sick, tired and run down I felt, I knew it would be worth the outcome. How right I was.


This month although my heart explodes with love, it has been tested the most. What is sleep? I knew that babies sleep well for a while to then be like, ha, just kidding let’s cuddle a hundred times a night. I just didn’t know how much I would miss even four hours straight sleep. I googled why is my baby waking every hour at night and everyone has a different answer. Teething, growth spurt, moving around more so they wake themselves up, so many possibilities yet I just can’t figure the girl out. I did however after six months finally get her to use a dummy. Now when she wakes up I pop the lifesaver in her mouth and she goes straight back to sleep, broken sleep but I’ll settle with that instead of her crying herself awake for an hour which was happening.


Luna was poorly a few weeks back meaning an evening visiting to out of hours. Her temp went up to 38.4 so it was best she got checked out, the doctor said she had a flu-like thing. I felt so sad for her it broke my heart when she wouldn’t smile all day, or stay awake for longer than half an hour, I knew she felt rotten because she really wasn’t herself. Soon enough she bounced back and gave me the smile that has me every time. One cute thing I will also add is that her brother really showed us how much he loved her when she was poorly. When she cried if he held her hand and laid with her she would stop crying, he stayed snuggling her on and off all day, he kept telling her that he was there and that he loved her.


I signed my baby up to nursery! I know she’s so young. I want to wrap her in bubble wrap and keep her all to myself but let’s be honest, babies need to adapt to other people. I didn’t make the choice lightly but I know that her meeting people now and being around other kids will really help her grow. She will only be in for half a day a week and then I’ll take her to a local baby group on another day. I also know her cousins will help her confidence to be around kids, she will hopefully, just like her brother, learn that nursery is fun and that I’ll always come back.


Luna can now say Mama, Nana and Dada. Off course Dada was her first word! I find their relationship interesting as she is so cheeky around her dad. When pregnant Luna would always kick him in the back and now she kicks him like all the time, she smiles at him in such a cheeky way.


I’m surprised our girl has not started to properly crawl yet- Yet slightly relieved as that’s when the fun really begins right. Toys in mouth, scanning every inch of the room and constantly saying no don’t climb on that ect. I said last month that I aimed to help teach her to sit up and I failed to do so. There’s not enough hours in the day with chores, two kids to dress, feed, more chores, days out, no joke by bedtime I cuddle Luna and apologise for not cuddling her enough in the day. I probably do but it feels like I don’t.


Luna had her first finger food now that she is 6 months old, the girl screams if she drops it or runs out of snacks. She does not like her porridge or any pureed food cold. I have found that since she has starting to eat we have a little routine going, she naps two to three times a day and goes to bed just before eight. She won’t wake hourly until about eleven so I do get a few hours in the evening to do stuff if I have any energy.


I have seen people do milk baths on Instagram and had to give it a go. I won’t be rushing to do them often as they are very messy, trying to pick out the flowers after is time I don’t have. Luna did find it super fun while trying to grab the flowers.



I think I’ve cover just about everything from the past month. Next month I will be surprised if no teeth make an appearance, I’ll also be surprise if Luna doesn’t know how to crawl around grabbing everything. I have a feeling that I’ll be bringing out Luna’s warm Autumn clothes as well now the weather has shifted. I’m excited for our rainy day cuddles next month, let’s just hope that I get a tad more sleep or I might have to start day napping again.