Firstly when is the official first day of Autumn? Online it says there’s two dates to go by, today being one and the second one says the 23rd of September. I’ll settle with today seeing as the weather is shouting fluffy socks, dressing gown and the darker nights are creeping in- My son will soon stop saying but it’s still light out it can’t be bed time. I want to share with you my beautiful creation, I went all out with my Autumn bucket list, something I usually just rush together unsatisfied with the lack of creativity. I will firstly have a little look back at my summer bucket list below.

As you will see above there was only four things (not highlighted) that I didn’t manage to do but that’s okay. I did stuff that wasn’t on the list and there is always next summer right, I am surprised with how much I did manage with having two kids.

You can find my Summer bucket list post Here.

Doing my Autumn bucket list was an easy start as my main love about Autumn is the colours, getting creative on rainy days, embracing the Hygge life which for me is comfort in being creative with the season. I went all out and feel chuffed with how it looks below.

I also wanted to do so much while keeping in mind that now Luna is here it may be tricky, I’ve tried to pick things that I can do as a family. Quick things I know I can do while Luna naps or things we will for sure do like trick or treating with our son. Below is my list in what I hope to achieve.

  1. Trick or treat
  2. Paint a pumpkin
  3. Carve a pumpkin
  4. Go to a pumpkin patch
  5. Woodland walk
  6. Toast marshmallows
  7. Make fun hot chocolates
  8. Watch, Practical magic, Halloween town, Hocus Pocus and The Adams Family.
  9. Make a pumpkin pie
  10. Watch fireworks
  11. Duvet, dvd day.
  12. Get crafty with a mixture of things including autumn leaves, candles, string, mason jar, pasta, sticks, straw, nuts, pine cones, tissue paper and beads.
  13. Buy warm clothes including a coat!
  14. Read a book
  15. Go apple picking
  16. Bake an apple and cinnamon crumble
  17. Splash in puddles
  18. Build a scare crow
  19. Take a scenic route
  20. Go to the beach on a rainy day
  21. Feed the ducks














I love how washi tape looks when cut up which you will see are the leaves and pumpkins. I wanted to add texture so added In some string, it all pops out don’t you think? I know it’s a very long list of things to do but I’m sure as a family we can have so much fun. I love these lists they really help me set goals, as you can tell from my summer one I get so much done from having ideas on what to do. What do you hope to do over the cold days? Do you write a bucket list? I’ll be reflecting back in November to see what I did manage to achieve.