I heard about AliExspress on Instagram on more that one occasion from a few people I follow, how is the stuff so cheap I thought. Firstly I saw baby rompers, vests, shoes and so much more at such small prices. I found that the site sold almost anything including make up, house hold items ect.

I wasn’t sure on the site so I did some research by watching YouTube review videos. AliExspress is a lot like Ebay, you get sellers and the site is more a hosting place were people open their shops to sell stuff. The stuff is cheap but a lot of it has been copied from other companies, the make up can contain unsafe chemicals so I personally wouldn’t ever buy make up from that site. I found that I could buy the Kylie Jenner lip kits but as she has stated herself before, these products are not safe, her site is the only online site that sells her products. I also found out that some of the photos are photos stolen from other companies. So they steal the photos then make that item cheaply. What shocked me even more is that so many baby boutiques online buy from Aliexspress, sell the stuff for triple the price, sometimes more! I couldn’t figure out what boutiques were selling legit nice quality stuff or who was buying from Aliexspress. That was until I found a few shops using the same photos as Aliexpress and calling them out on it. One boutique said she just needs extra money while on maternity leave. She said AliExspress stuff doesn’t always turn up or that you get the item you paid for, was she right? I had to make a few orders from Aliexpress and build up my own opinion.

So I ordered baby clothes last June. I had picked up a handy tip when researching the site, from more than one person. The tip was to buy anything in bigger sizes as people found the stuff extremely small, kids can grow into clothes if they arrived to big. I am glad I did so as even a size 9 month romper was snug on my daughter at 5 1/2 months old. I would also like to say that some of the stuff took as long as 2 months to come, if I had ordered to her then size anyway she wouldn’t have fit into it.



As you can see above the item isn’t far off what the picture was advertising. Obviously at a price of a few pounds on each item I wasn’t expecting a luxury material, I wasn’t disappointed as I purely wanted the outfits for photos, the quality wasn’t all that bad. The stitching wasn’t award-winning but again you get what you paid for. Below is another romper I ordered and the image of what I saw on the site.

(The headband was huge so it wouldn’t stay on my daughters head)



I ordered a grey pair of shoes. I would happily order a pair again in a different colour. For now they are slightly to big for Luna, I ordered them in 0-6 months.



I ordered the below socks which I am 50/50 about. The stitching is pretty bad, I don’t think they will hold together for long. I love the style but for now socks are not an item I would order again. Unless I found some fox ones!



I felt most excited about ordering the hair accessories which is iconic considering my daughter has no hair yet. I will 100% order more hair accessories over time as the stuff was all true to the pictures and not a bad quality. The hair clips are my favourites, there’s so many different styles I want to order.






Above you may notice some of the clip pieces are in pairs that are coloured differently. Some of the sellers sell the same stuff at different prices, I ordered a set from two separate sells and one packet of stuff was a better quality- The cheapest set was the best quality.

All in all my thoughts are that I am happy that everything I ordered came and looked like what I was expecting. I wouldn’t go kitting my daughters whole wardrobe out from this site, I couldn’t wait two months for loads of outfits to maybe be big, maybe be snug. My daughter has only worn the rompers ones for photos. I wouldn’t jump to order more socks but I might try to order some tights to see what they are like. I would order shoes again and I would a thousand percent order hair accessories. I am going to put an order in this week to see what the Halloween clothes are like, my hearts already like but it might not fit, be that the case I’ll investigate how easy it is for refunds/returns. I’ll be back with another clothes type haul whenever the stuff decides to come. I have also got a post planned about washi tape that I got from the site, I will hopefully have it up this week. What are your thoughts on this site? Would you use it? Have your used it before? Would you stick to high quality stuff and pay more or would you happily pay for cheap stuff?