I turned 24 last week! I can honestly say that at age 24 I am so content with what I have achieved so far, I am so lucky to be able to call myself a mum. I’m lucky that my partner is my best friend and the farther of my kids. I remember last year holding my bump thinking about the fact that I’ll have two kids on my next birthday, was I ready for such a challenge so young? Thinking about everything I had already been through was a clear example that I can get through anything. Being a parent is hard but very rewarding, I chose to spend my day all cozy with my family. I was ever so spoilt and know that everyone loves a good haul so figured I’d share with you what I got. As I always say on my birthday hauls, I won’t individually thank each family member but rather say one big fat, you guys are the best! Below are the very thoughtful presents.

How beautiful is the above wrapping paper!

Of course there is stuff with unicorns on them because we all know what’s a birthday without a touch of magic.

I am determined to learn calligraphy, I have already had a good attempt getting good results after an hour of trying. I tried to do it again yesterday and found myself back to square one; I will do this!

The above pens are perfect to practice calligraphy with. I’m also slightly obsessed with metallic colours.

A person can never have too many notebooks, am I right?

I would happily own the whole Santoro Gorjuss range.

I got a few bath bombs and shower bath bombs which I couldn’t get out and photograph. The baby was sleeping, I was not going to rustle through the bags and open them, I’m sure you can understand. Above is one I had already put out ready to use when the time came for a relaxing bath.

I was most surprised to get Jewellery for my birthday but it was a nice surprise.

What’s a birthday without cake?

We went to lunch, I order three things off the menu as I was feeling wild, my sister and I share the three dishes. I had such a lovely day with the people I love. Birthdays use to be nights out, alcohol, hangovers but now I’m like a movie at home and cake is my kind of perfect. Ya know living the best life and all. I tried to not waffle on too much by not writing a comment of each present, the pictures do the talking. I don’t have a favourite present as they are all so perfect for me and very thoughtful. Here’s to another brilliant year living life enjoying the best moments.

(I must add that I did get a few more bits plus money but my son has ever claimed some of it- not the money! )