I might not have shared with you what I have been getting in my Treat boxes each month, that doesn’t mean I’ve not been getting them. The boxes make me smile even now two years into buying one each month. I use to say on each post this is my favourite box, on repeat each month, I came to the conclusion that each month the boxes just get better and better. They are not predictable. I will say that this time last year I was thinking how I love getting home items but there’s only so many a girl can hang up. Just like that the boxes started to take a more self-care kind of approach with the products which was perfect timing, especially for a mum of two who doesn’t get much time to herself. Here’s this months wonderful items.

Let’s start with the best item and one that’s exclusive to the Treat box from my favourite wax melt company, Scent circus. I use to review Scent circus’s monthly subscription box until they stopped doing them. Rest assure they constantly release new melts and occasionally sell surprise boxes. The below one I would happily bulk buy if they sold them online after the Scent filled my house with what smelt like Autumn.

I am not one to sit down with a herbal tea and must admit that I’ve not tried the below one. I know they are good for you and have so many different benefits like cleanse the body and help you sleep, I really wish I could sip them and not cringe. As I type this I’m like, girl get up and at least try it; what’s a review if you haven’t gone all in. Here I go… Okay, surprisingly it was bearable. I wouldn’t wake up and swap it for my caffeine but it wasn’t the worst one I’ve tried. I tried the one in the March box a few months ago and after one sip I poured it away. The print is really sweet and perfect with the fact that my mum starts chemotherapy on Monday. She is beyond stressed, we all are, I look forward to the day I can write she’s cancer free and all better in the near future.

I might not have ripped open the tea the moment I opened this box but I sure did the popcorn! What’s even better is that it was chocolate popcorn! I wish I could have saved a piece for my partner to try but once you get tucked in you can’t stop.

I am interested in trying the facial wash cloth below. It says to put it in the washing machine on a normal cycle, then when dry wet it and remove your make up. I’m off out tonight with no doubt a lot of makeup on. I’ll get back to you if it does work its magic.

I have a funny story about the below foot mask. I had a bath the other day and figured after, what a perfect time to put the foot mask on for fifteen minutes, of course once on Luna woke up from her nap. They are very slippery so I couldn’t get far so I had to think fast. I was in my room lucky next to my socks draw and popped on a pair of fluffy socks, it worked! I could walk freely and be in mum mode while my feet were soaking up some goodness.

The last item in the box was a pillow case saying stay cosy on it, it will take pride and joy in the centre of my bed. All cosy and ready for baby sick, my sons snotty nose or partners hair gel that stains my pillows. It won’t stay white and fresh for long. This whole box all in all was a perfect Autumn starter pack to start the hygge life again. What do you think of the items? Does your pillows/bedding stay fresh for long?