This is my second review on the site Aliexpress , you can find my first review on buying my baby clothes Here. I have a slight addiction to buying stationery but tend to try to buy things that are affordable. I won’t spend a lot one washi tape, I will mostly try to shop in the sales throughout the year. I was pleased to find a site that sold washi tape for under a pound or at least under two pounds on some of the items. Was it too good to be true though? What was the quality like? Did they stick well? I had questions only I could really answer so I put in an order and hoped for the best, I was pleasantly surprised, I had to share what I recieved with you.


I didn’t just buy washi tape I also got some sticker type things that I wouldn’t personally buy again. With stickers I am very selective with what colours I want so they were awkward, they were rolled up like washi tape so you had to pull a bunch of them off to get the desired flower. As you can see below they are beautiful, would you prefer them as sticker sheets like me?


I did get some Autumn themed ones which again left me digging through the roll looking for the design I wanted.


I did however love the below petal one to make my own flowers. I felt like I was being more creative, I guess my creative side was more challenged in a good way rather than the frustration I felt on the others.


I knew I had to get the unicorn style roll. It was a shame that I didn’t get on with the washi/stickers that I would prefer on a sheet. I am glad I ordered them though as they didn’t cost a lot, it was nice to try something different keeping in mind that not everything works for everyone. Maybe if I had more time to play around with them it wouldn’t be so bad.


I went a little mad with buying washi tapes after I kept seeing so many lovely designs. I guess I also got very excited with how cheap they were, it was easy to get carried away.

The below ones are just stunning, they are perfect to cut out to make my own stickers for my bullet journal. As you will notice from pictures on the site to what I received the colours are slightly different. I don’t think the colour difference is that bad, if anything the ones I received were better, would you agree?



I used the Autumn styled ones in my Autumn bucket list post.


I cut the above leaves up and placed them next to my below fox.

Before you say it I know, why would I be fine cutting washi tape up but not like the sticker style washi rolls. Again I think it’s more the being creative myself that I like. The stickers are awkward and silly when I could just buy sticker sheets. The washi tapes are good because I can use them not cut up when I lack time to sit and be creative, if that makes any sense?





The last thing I must add is that all of the items came within a month which is quick compared to the almost two month wait I had on the baby clothes. some of the stuff came in nice boxes, some in squished boxes but at a small price I didn’t mind as long as the products weren’t ruined- No washi tapes came ruined. They all stuck well and unraveled nice and smoothly. I have ordered some Christmas ones after being so pleased, would you be pleased with these washi tapes?