It has been a year since I last got a Paper Gang box from Ohh Deer . I love new stationery but being pregnant last year and the realisation of two kids to pay for hit, I just couldn’t afford to keep getting more than one subscription box. I also figured, would I even have time with a baby to indulge in being creative? The Treat box is more flexible so I kept that as my once a month treat. When I saw that this months illustrator was Gemma Correll I had to have it, just like last year which I wrote about Here.

I really liked the box which was the sneak peek I first saw when they announced this months illustrator. For someone who has previously suffered with mental health I can relate a lot to her designs, especially the above words in the circles

I like the everything is going to be okay print, simple yet you can’t help but smile when you look at it. The tea bag has liquorice in it so that I will not try. Do you like liquorice? The thought of it is making me cringe. The stickers are my favourite item which are now tucked away with my forever growing sticker collection.

I have to admit I pick using a notepad over a notebook. It’s easier to just write, see the list and the rip out the page. Do you write lists? I’m find myself constantly writing down chore lists, blog post idea lists and basically any excuse to tick things off to feel like I’m achieving something. I also don’t know why but I always stroke a new notepad or notebook. Is that just me that does that? I loved both the notepad and notebook from this months box. The notebook has a space for you to put the date in the corner of each page.

The last item was a poster which I personally think shouldn’t have been the same design as the print, there was different designs on the items that everyone got I found on Instagram. There was a few items I would have preferred that some people got like a notebook with the illustrations the box has. A different print as well because I don’t need two but luckily it’s double-sided, the opposite side is a Calendar which will be perfect for writing down my son’s school events, half terms, parents evenings etc.

In the box was also a little leaflet containing an interview with the illustrator Gemma Correll which you can see in the below pictures.

I knew I loved her when I read ‘ I’m at home, drawing & eating peanut butter out of the jar most of the time’

From the chat I read in the booklet I love how honest she is. I think it’s all good loving someone’s work but I like it when I can relate to someone or even think, I get you as person and how you think. I said to my partners sister I can’t decide which box I preferred, this years or last years. I think both are brilliant. What did you think of this months Paper Gang box of stationery?