Life just gets better and better with each month/moment that Luna grows, making me laugh, fascinating me with her little ways. I’m still very much obsessed with her as I was the moment I set eyes on her. I watched Tully recently and one thing that was very true is that day-to-day life is some what a daily repeat. Boring in fact but to our kids that’s the good life, we gift them with the same routine of feeding them, changing them , washing them and our minds might be like is this fun? Is this my life? To them it’s everything to have that comfort of a normal daily life. I’ve never been one for routine my minds usually in ten places but this last month I’ve had to live by routines, especially now my son is at school- it’s all a work in progress.

Luna tends to naps twice a day maybe three if she enters the 5pm danger nap zone. She will be asleep most nights by 7. I have to admit that I am a walking zombie most days as she sleeps well until eleven when I go to bed and then she can be up every few hours, her gums are so swollen, she hasn’t had any teeth pop through but they are irritating her every night. I’ve tried different things to hope for a better nights sleep and nothing has worked, shorter day naps, more food in the day, dream feeding, you name it I tried it. I guess we will have to ride this out and hibernate in the day time as we have been doing.

I need to add that my phone broke last week, it wasn’t backed up so the only photos I have are ones I’ve shared on social media, most of them have captions on them from my Instagram stories.

The kids have both had a cold this past week so they are both so there for the cuddles, I always say to my son why do I have two arms? He says one for me and one for Luna. They can actually play together now which is so lovely to see, she chases him, she also tries to grab his toys so he has to put them on the sofa.



Speaking of toys I find it so odd seeing baby toys everywhere when it was only two years ago I packed them all away. I kept a bunch of my sons toys which Luna now enjoys, she loves ones that are very noisy.


How did I not mention this first! She can now crawl, she is super fast now so I had to rearrange the front room as well as move all mouth size toys into my sons bedroom. She scans the room looking for something she is not supposed to have and then dives for it as fast as she can. Every time I say no she just smiles at me, what age do they understand the word no? She can also climb low things as shown below.

Why do babies find everything so fascinating? Her hands are her favourite thing, she is always moving her arms and fingers so surprised that they are apart of her.

This month all of her cousins have finally acknowledged her a person and not a sleeping baby. My middle nephew is the funniest he says no Luna when she goes for his toys, I can’t help but laugh when she tries to climb on them they don’t get that she doesn’t understand personal space yet.


I mentioned routine at the beginning and how it’s not a normal thing for us to live by structure. My son napped when he wanted, he didn’t have any needed plans to live around so life was a simple breeze. Now we have to all be up, fed, dressed and I out the door around half eight five days a week. There’s no one more hour in bed from a bad nights sleep. There’s no lounging around in pyjamas until we get some energy to move. There’s no late bedtimes as they would both suffer in the morning, there would be tears and tantrums objecting to leave the house. It’s also hard when Luna falls asleep at say two because I have to pick my son up at three.

I think I could waffle on about Luna, life and our day-to-day lives for hours. I could talk about sleep forever, what is sleep? I miss it. I am happy though because when I had postnatal depression after my son I felt tired in a different way. I felt unmotivated and down all the time which I never want to feel like again. I’ll happily have this kind of tired and still feel motivated to live. I don’t day nap like I did with my first as that’s what makes me depressed- sleeping my life away. With next month being Halloween I’m super excited to dress my little lady up in some costumes. My son has already picked his costume which I need to order online, he wants to be a grim reaper! How has Luna Gone from the bottom right picture to the left so fast? She’s so tall and even in 9-12 month clothes now.