I had to think for a moment when titling this post. The clothes I got from Next are for next summer so 1 year plus sizes, will my daughter be a baby still or will she be a toddler? When do kids officially earn their toddler badge? I’ve kept it as baby because my heart might take forever to hand over the big girl badge. It’s crazy to even think of her in the big dresses, jeans and the swim suit I got. I did a post last year on the things I found in the sale so figured I’d share my finds again. There wasn’t as much this year which was a shame, I also felt reluctant to get too much as Luna, bless her, got my genes so she’s like me as a baby, chunky, squishy and always ahead of her clothing size. She’s in 9-12 months clothes now at 7 months.

Below is what I picked up for Luna.


The below dress is my favourite item.

Everything was half price.

I’ve never been to a Next sale and thought ah, so much choice for boys. Even without the sale the boys stuff is so basic as they get older. I have said before how my son loves unicorns, unicorns are not just for boys right! They have added dinosaurs on the girls stuff this past few years so personally I’d like there to be a shift in what they put on the boys stuff as well.

I feel rather pleased with what I got. Imagine little Luna running around in her little dresses, paddling in the sea in her swim suite. Talking of dresses why did no one tell me that they are the worst thing to buy for a (crawling) baby? When they start to crawl they are not something easy to wear, Luna catches her knees face planting the floor! Did you get anything from the mid season Sale? Do you think there needs to be more choice in older boys stuff?