Another Treat box already? I could have sworn that it was only yesterday that I shared my thoughts on last months box. Do you like reading my reviews on this monthly subscription? I buy the box myself as a little treat, it’s something that has helped me keep up with my self care. What do you do for yourself each month at least once to remind yourself to have a little TLC? Autumn is by far the best time of the year for me but the colder weather does come at a cost, my hair suffers, my skin drys up, I get rashes from quick changes in temperature- if I am out and go inside my legs will itch. Some of the products in this months box were like an Autumn starter pack with hot chocolate, a scarf, a over night face mask and some fabulous prints and a few more lovely bits. There’s always just so much amazing stuff which I’ll fill you in on below in more detail. Do you suffer with colder weather? Everyone in my house has a cold at the minute but me so I’m waiting for the first Autumn sniffles.

The first item which the two prints and a coast are sitting on is a scarf. Let’s be honest have you dug your winter wear out yet? Or brought the essentials because I sure haven’t. I don’t, didn’t! Have a scarf but now do which is perfect for the early school run. I need some gloves next. I like how the prints match the coaster that is in the middle.

I love fudge so much so I was pleasantly surprised to see some in this months box, do you like fudge? I opened it to just taste test to perhaps save some for later, nope, that did not happen and I ate the lot. It melted in my mouth.


I said that my skin is awful around this time of the year and it’s so true, it drys up so badly, mostly around my nose and on my chin. I have learnt to just live with it to be honest. The face mask is one to use right before you go to bed which was unique to anything I’ve ever tried. At first I thought the mixer was stupidly small, like when you open a packet of crisps and see four pieces in the bag kind of moment. Once on I realised there was plenty. It did add a soft feel to my face, it didn’t leave my face oily, I have combination skin so I can get very shiny with products. It was more a night cream as you don’t need to wash it off and it absorbed quickly.


The last item is the best item. Who loves hot chocolate? Pleas tell me you do, they are childhood memories, getting home after school in the winter, your mum passing you the warm mug to warm your hands up. Of course there was always cream. I have started doing it with my son for a while now and made him one after he finished school yesterday. I did take a sip and admittedly wasn’t a fan of the taste, I don’t like dark chocolate because of how strong the coco taste is and the hot chocolate was very cocoey – if that’s even a word.




I feel as though I need another one of these boxes after writing this post. I’m constantly in mum mode at the minute and getting hardly any sleep so the Treat Box really lifts me up in a good way, it’s not easy giving 100% to everyone and falling behind on myself. I am going to make an effort to drink hot chocolates, put face masks on and hide away with a book this month. What do you think of the stuff in the box? Do you put time aside for yourself?