There are two companies I always buy wax melts from, Scent circus and Yankee Candle. I’m a creature of habit, I get the same order at the Chinese, it’s easy to go for things we know we love. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and hunt down a different online shop Selling wax melts. I’m so happy as I’ve found a brilliant small business that sells the loveliest wax melts.

The shop Ohhh How Lovely have opened my eyes to trying different products. I’ve titled this post wax melts but I didn’t just order wax melts, I got some granules scented Sherbet blue cola. I am not going to lie the scent did not last very long. For the short time the scent filled the room I did love the scent, I would use them for say an hour to freshen up the smell in the kitchen. The blue colour also faded before getting to me which was a shame.

My absolute favourite, an item I want to make a bulk order on is the squeezable wax. I’ve never heard of such a thing! The scent was bubble gum – named fairy dust. There is about 3/4 uses in the bottle, I didn’t need to use a lot for the strong scent to fill the kitchen.

The below picture is the Squeezable wax melted. I think it looks like a dragon egg, what would you say it looks like?

I ordered this stuff weeks ago and couldn’t find the time to take these pictures so I used a chunk of one of the of the crystal slices. I went for the scents Parma violets and Bubble gum – of course. No joke I wanted to eat the Parma violet one when I used it, each one I’d say gives you 3 uses.

I knew I needed a scoopable wax when I spotted it on Instagram. The smell is delicious, you might be surprised to hear I went with the scent candy floss with bubble gum. Maybe I am a creature of habit keeping to a scent I know I will 100 percent love, do you love the smell of bubble gum?

How cute is the below spoon that came with it?

Although it was the most expensive item the pot is massive so I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

The colours when melted were dreamy I’ve never seen a wax melt shimmer the way these melts do, I wish you could see the real magical effect of it moving around in the burner.

Don’t laugh but I miss judged the size of the little clams that were apparently not little.

Notice the melted wax? More than half of the clam was left to melt so my burner did over flow, I thought one would fit in my mini burner! One clam is enough to put in a bigger burner, take my word for it. The scent was candy floss cream.

The last item I order was scented candy floss and bubble gum. It was a unicorn slice, if you follow me on Instagram you know how much I love anything unicorn related. The shop did have loads of different scents which I’ll try more of in my next order.

Some of the stuff I haven’t tested yet but what I have tested I am impressed with. The melts were worth every penny and I’m excited to explore more of the items in the shop in the future, what do you think of them just by seeing them? I will add that a lot of them are slightly different to the pictures advertised but hand-made things never come as two of the same if you know what I mean, there was different glitters used, the colours were also slightly different. They just launched some Halloween wax melts if you want to take a look Here. I wish I had spare money to make an order on a cauldron. I’m interested in exploring more small online brands selling wax melts, do you know of any?