I’ve shared with you my Bullet Journal a fair few times over the past two years – how have I been doing it for that long? I’ve said before that time isn’t always easy to find, I wish I could over indulge and come up with beautiful illustrations for daily spreads. I now tend to just do a seasonal bucket list which is most import to me to set goals, to make sure I’m having fun with my family. I’ve always thought wouldn’t it be cool to find a bullet journal already set up for me. One that I could still be creative in but not have as much to do, would you believe that while shopping in Sainsbury’s I found one. It’s called Picture me a journal to get life sorted and it was only Β£3.99! I really want to share with you some of my favourite things in the journal that I’ll use, would it be something you would find easier to use?

The above photos are self-explanatory on what you will find in the journal and things that you can do. I love that there’s a decorative inspiration page with banners and doodles I could possibly use.

There are pages on things that I would not think of to do, what would the film of your life be called?

One thing I have been doing is reading this month and really want to set myself some reading goals in the new year. I’m realistic, I’ll only read about three books in the year but that’s better than none, if I squeeze more in great!

Tv on the other hand is something I watch a lot of, film/junk food nights are our kind of date nights. I will fill the movies to watch pages.

Family is a beautiful thing, they do so much to brighten my days up so that page will be filled with colour very quickly. There’s a few pages with the sun in the book but in different colours and different things to write.

The colours are so beautiful in this book as well as the illustrations. This book is illustrated by Cindy Wilde, she puts hearts as her dots for the letter i, how cute!

I admit that self-care takes a back seat in my life, what’s sleep? I guess doing this book counts as something in the art and creative section. Self care comes in many forms, I do miss a full nights sleep though.

I’m jumping on my partners sisters trick with the pen test, I a pen out from a few sets I own and found that a sharpie was the only pen that bled through, there was hardly and shadowing from the other pens.

I won’t show you every single page in this journal as it’s fun to discover what’s inside it yourself, if you chose to pick one up. At the back there’s a double page for each month and then mood charts for each month, finished with some checklists. It’s literally a Bullet Journal set up and ready to be used straight away. What do you think of it? There’s also pages like a bucket list, mood trackers, present ideas page. I can choose what I want to do and use page markers to help find the pages I like doing. You can also find the journal online here if you can’t find one in Sainsbury’s like I did.

The journal was created by a few different people, I plan to start using the jounal next year as I have a little project on at the minute doing something else which I will share next month. When I find time to finish it! I like to finish things I start be that it take a month or two.Β