I am so luckily to live in Cornwall but find that I am disappointed in myself for never really appreciating all of its beauty, there is so many places that I have never even heard of, the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens being one. My partners mum went for lunch there over the weekend in the Tremenheere kitchen, she had all but good things to say about the place, a place I couldn’t picture seeing as I never really look into what Cornwall really has to offer. I mentioned recently how I am a creature of habit so I tend to go to Trevaskis farm or Tehidy woods. I need to live a little and explore more of the area that I live in. The place is only a five-minute drive from where I live, I was hoping to visit Trengwaiton Garden today but they are closed on Fridays and Saturdays. Have you heard of these gardens before? I did vistit Trengwaition Garden last year at night for a lantern walk, my partner took me or again it would be another place unknown to me.


My mum loved being there, she kept mentioning how beautiful it all looked when the wind blew rustling around loads of falling leaves.



I personally said I would struggle going there in the summer on a hot day as it was all very up hill – some areas are not pram friendly as there’s a lot of steps on one route.


There was plenty of areas we could go with the pram.


I am not going to pretend I know a lot about the sculptures as there wasnt much information on them other than who created them and the name of the artwork.




I think the most beautiful thing for me was the views you could see at the high points.





My son was excited to spot St Michael’s Mount.


One thing that I found the most relaxing was the skyspace silent space, I can’t even find the words on how relaxing the room felt. You sit down, look up and watch the clouds go by, imagine looking up at night.




I will have to go back in Spring to see how many beautiful flowers bloom.


There was so many little things that added to the place like the stream, benches, small sculptures and wildlife – Squirrels being my sons favourite that we saw.



Before you head to the gardens there is plenty to see as well as a moving/swaying temple.



I took a photo of my mum and son below can you spot them?



The plant nursery was very photogenic.





I could share about a thousand photos that I took today. I am so determined to explore more of Cornwall, you can find out so much about the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens here. I tried to not waffle on as the photos were more than enough for you to see how enchanting the gardens are. I love history and appreciate how much hard work goes into looking after such areas. How much hard work goes into creating art that someone takes such pride in. I can’t sit here and describe how each sculpture made me feel as that spoils the beauty, art is different to everyone, sometimes there are no words just pure fascination. Sometimes you simply cant desribe things as your brain freezes, you find yourself under a spell just standing there relaxed. I have never seen my son as quiet as he was today when taking in everything around him.