I’ve waited a whole year for this moment, I remember holding my bump last Autumn dreaming of our first Halloween as a family of four. I remember looking at my son aching to remember his first Halloween but I couldn’t, I wasn’t with him as I had a sick bug, I hate missing my kids firsts. Do you get like that? My partner sent me plenty of photos but that is not the same. I didn’t spend Christmas with my son that first year he was in our lives. I had to work, I think that’s why I’ve made the choice to work once a month now my maternity leave is over. I’m not missing a thing as before you know it I will be aching for my teenagers to be cute cuddly babies again.


A lot has changed in the past 4 weeks since I last posted an update on little Luna. I would say it hit me hard with the lack of sleep I was getting, or wasn’t getting in this case. Rob really stepped up and started to do more night feeds because waking up every hour was killing me. I also changed how I tended to Luna, I realised I ran to her before she even cried. I wasn’t giving her the chance to self sooth which as humans, that is a skill we all learnt at some point. I gave her a minute and she fell back to sleep! At bedtime which is around 7 I give her a bottle lie her in her cot and walk out, she moans , not cries, moans by babbling then goes to sleep in less than five minutes. Soon enough she has slept through 5 times this month, there is light at the end of the sleepless nights tunnel. One evening she cried so I cuddled her. She watched me for ages then closed her eyes while I just soaked in her cuteness, I love sleepy baby cuddles but it just wasn’t working that way, I need sleep at night which no one gets when cuddling a baby back to sleep every hour.


We went to our local Pumpkin patch at Trevaskis farm twice because you can’t deny that the below pictures are priceless. Why is it that pictures of siblings are just so heart warming?



Maybe it’s because a picture can show a lot of things, the best photos  are the ones were I am not shouting ‘smile! Smile for the camera’ I often have to grab my phone to snap the best moments. My kids are pretty much best friends now, they even climb all over me ganging up on me.


Luna had her first Halloween party which meant naughty finger foods, jelly wasn’t a finger food but rather a fun slippery mess. Luna is a quick thinker and figured going head first into the bowl was easier than trying to grab any.

I have had great fun dressing her up, everyone think I am mad for buying so many costumes but she leaks through so many outfits so they all came in handy. She can go through three outfits a day!


I have said before how Luna hates to be outside, she still much prefers to be at home but will smile more now rather than give us dagger eyes all day. She is also very much there for snoozes in the pram.

She also looks extremely cute in hats. I see my dad a lot in Luna at the minute.


The girl got her first pair of shoes! It was so hard to choose which pair to go for, they were all so cute and tiny on the shelf, I was happy with the pair my son chose.

I got Luna some shoes because I got her a walker so the shoes are supposed to help her learn to walk easier. I don’t know if that theory is true or not.

On the day that Luna hit 8 month old her first tooth popped through, we are yet to have a biter in the family and I think she might be one as she is so mean. I mean if you put your face near her she will scratch you like a cat or pinch you, she laughs and grins in such a cheeky way. If I say no she will smile and say yes. She is also still saying daddy a lot but will say mummy when tired or hungry, she can also wave now, only sometimes though she has selective hearing just like her brother. To dress Luna is the hardest thing to do, to change her nappy takes skill and lots of toys to stop her from rolling over and crawling away with speed. She shouts at you the whole time while being dressed. Her smile is constant so she is very warming to be around, I tell her I love her about 100 times a day. She now gives me proper cuddles when sleepy, I love it when she just places her head on me. If you say to her come here she will crawl over to you, she will also crawl over to you if you are eating anything. I wonder how many teeth she will get over the next four weeks? Will she understand the word no or keep being cheeky and laughing at me all day.