This is a big post as it covers the past two weeks seeing as I had both kids everyday last week for half term; there was little blogging time but plenty of family time. I was gutted on Tuesday when my son went back to school, I thought I would be skipping him to school but I wasn’t. I can honestly say I wish the Autumn half term was for two weeks rather than one. Here’s what we did to keep busy while enjoying our time together.

My son had his first school Halloween party! He did not want to leave when it was time to go home, he dressed up, danced, played some games and went to bed one happy boy that evening. I think the inflatables were brilliant.





We decorated a gingerbread house while Luna was at nursery. We don’t get much one to one time so it was amazing that we had that time together, no baby crying, no I’ll do it in a sec, just us eating all the sweets and laughing together.



While walking to town one day my son spotted a cute(ish) little pumpkin ornament so I gave him the Β£2.50 for it.


So many people I follow on Instagram do Christmas Eve boxes for their kids which made me think, what should I do for them? I want to find Luna a stocking to fill, her brother already has one. My mum always buys the kids new pyjamas for Christmas so that’s the first thing she brought to put in the Christmas Eve stockings. What do you do on Christmas Eve?


I promised my son a hot chocolate and cake from his favourite place, I kept my word. I’m hoping to take him there again tomorrow before we head over to watch the fireworks.



My mum and son had some fun going through mine and my siblings old Halloween costumes, I loved seeing my old witches hat.


Did you see my post on the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens? It’s was rather beautiful over there.



We had a Halloween party which left me exhausted but it was very much worth it. I cooked so much food and my sister made lots of yummy treats, it was like a mad house the kids were bouncing from room to room with excitement.





I made candy floss!


After the party I cleaned the house sat on the kitchen floor with my kids while watching them play. I ached all over from cooking for five hours and felt really proud of myself, I do everything for my kids, Just as my mum did when throwing us Halloween parties each year.


I got myself some treats including the Journal I wrote about and some sharpies – it’s the little things right. I did also buy a new coat and gloves with the weather being a bit nippy now.


I have started my Winter/Christmas bullet journal pages which will all be revealed soon. Below was a practice piece.


Lastly we went to a Halloween party at our local soft play area, we carved pumpkins, ate cake, ran around and then went to watch Rob play rugby.


Well what a few weeks! It explains why I feel like hibernating for the next month, I feel like Christmas will be filled with even more fun so I’m gong to be relaxing over the next few weeks. I say relaxing but I’m on a mission to clear out more toys and have a declutter. What are your plans for November? What did you do over half term?