I wrote this last Christmas as well as a handful of other posts but never shared them. I wanted to blog still and enjoy life but struggled big time, I felt so tired and tired of trying so hard to enjoy life yet I just wanted to hibernate. I made the decision to write a lot of stuff for myself to have but not share it with anyone. I always feel so private when pregnant, I can’t even make sense of it all in my head. I guess life can feel uncertain at times so until I felt comfortable in my life I shut the world out. I am glad I wrote this post though and hope you enjoy it as looking back I had a beautiful end to 2017.

The Christmas decorations have been down for weeks, toys still fill the living room and my son is already asking when is it Christmas again. I couldn’t handle another Christmas anytime soon but that’s not to say that Christmas 2017 wasn’t amazing. Really I think it has been our favourite Christmas as parents. our son was in his three-year old element with now understanding everything, especially Santa. He knows most of the Christmas songs, how to make a gingerbread house, how to make paper chains and the list goes on. Next year he will be keen to relive all of the magic I reckon. At what age did your child/ren seem fully aware of the festive season that’s filled with so much fun? I haven’t posted in forever so I thought I’d start my first 2018 post with a reflection on the past month or so. With a baby due in 40 days, 40! I have no goals as let’s be real who knows what a new bundle of joy brings when it comes to time for doing things.

Christmas costa coffee

This post is photo heavy as we were very fortunate that I hardly worked, yes to saving A/L hours. I also felt determined to not let pregnancy get in the way, it was hard, I have felt like rubbish 90% of the time. I am proud of myself while looking at these photos for missioning on. The first lot of photos are of our a trip to see Santa.

Rob and Logan Farley

Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Logan and Rob Farley

visting santa

we have spent a lot of time getting creative. I am shocked that I didn’t take one photo of our paper chains or our handmade Christmas cards, they were really good. I have luckily got pictures of our gingerbread houses that we spent hours on.


I am a sucker for seasonal themed treats so when I spotted some chocolate lollies to decorate they had to come home with me. Things like that are perfect for rainy days.



We brought a real Christmas tree that I neglected to water so by Christmas we ended up with a fake one. You can see by the below picture the aftermath from just moving the real tree.


Rob took my mum, sister and me up to Exeter to do a spot of Christmas shopping. I think we head there every year just to soak up that festive feeling with all of the decorations up.


Every year I put a lot of effort in wrapping the Christmas presents.


Rob took us all to Trengwainton Garden for a lantern walk which they do every year, I waddled around feeling rather uncomfortable but it was worth it. It was hard to get photos with it being so dark.


We go out for a meal every year with Robs family, as you will see below my bump is very much there now, my bladder sure feels it! Rob and I don’t have many pictures with each other so it’s nice that we have one of us with my bump to add to our photo album.



We did get another photo together on Christmas Day. I hope we get one as a family of four next year.


Christmas Day was so hard as I could have happily slept the day away, I loved watching the day through my sons eyes but felt really sad for not feeling energetic and normal. Don’t get me wrong we had a great day, but for me personally, I would never be pregnant over Christmas again. I was happy to eat lots of food of course.




I didn’t write anymore as I read back through the post sighed and closed my laptop. Now a year on I can see that I found it really hard to write with happiness, you can tell by my writing how uninterested I was to blog about Christmas while I felt so fed up. I felt like I had deprived my son of a good Christmas, that I had let him and myself down for not feeling fit and ready for lots of adventures when I did give him that. I found it hard to enjoy those moments myself when I just wanted to be in bed. Looking back I think I was slightly depressed for many reasons last year but soon enough in the new year I came out of that hole, I did mission on and still did the things I needed to do. This year I am going to go all out with everything. I just showed my son the photos and he remembered everything! That itself has made me determined to give him plenty more memories to cherish.