Although this happened this week I have to mention that my blog has had a name change, I only went and upgraded to premium, it was a decision I had to make. I changed my theme and for some reason loads of pop ups were spamming my pages. I was also running out of media space. I tried so many different things but nothing was fixing my two problems, I was getting frustrated so upgrading was the last and only solution. I chose the name Treasuring Sweet Moments because that basically sums up my blog right? I like to share the positive things in my life be that things I buy, places we visit or even the simple sweet moments in my life. Here’s those moments from last week that I want to cherish forever.

Unicorn cake

I took my mum to the cinema to watch The Nutcracker And The Four Realms. I wanted to love the film but couldn’t as it was cheesy, some of the acting to me was awful. I also found it slightly predictable. My mum felt the same so it wasn’t just me who felt disappointed because it could have been a great film. The best part about the night was all the bar snacks we ordered, we order four things and ate the lot.

I went shopping with my partner, he brought me a beautiful peacock snow globe to make up for smashing one I had and loved a few years back. No joke he almost smashed the snow globe before we even got to the till.


I got him the best Christmas present ever. Deadpool with unicorn slippers on! I also got him a Deadpool pop vinyl dressed as a clown.

I popped into Lush to get some Christmas bubble bars, my son and I have been using the candy cane one this week and love the scent. He was mad that they weren’t bath bombs as they are his favourite.

I saw some beautiful crochet poppies when I was in Truro.

The weather was awful on Saturday but it didn’t stop me from heading to a local firework display. I left an hour early to get some seats under a stand, I was glad I did as lots of other parents had the same idea so it was soon full. My son loved watching the sky flowers.



I went for breakfast with my mum and dad –Ā I used any excuse to check out Sainsbury’s Christmas stuff. I even got the kids some Halloween costumes and decorations for next year that were half price, got to love a good bargain. I might have also picked Luna up a few more Christmas outfits, I just can’t help myself she is going to looks so cute in them all.

We went trick or treating which was very interesting this year. There was a few spooky decorations that my son refused to go near, he got really sensitive and scared, I couldn’t blame him when I saw a fake baby being dangled upside down. There was lots of fun pumpkins though.

I have been saying for weeks that I really want the beer fried chicken from The Cornish Barn. I finally got it! I was in my element with it being nearly a year since I last went there. I do plan to write a post about the place as it really is worth a visit. Did I mention that the beer friend chicken is just everything?

I really do treasure my life and appreciate how lucky I am to have a big family to do things with, kids to keep me busy, food and a warm home. I have so much gratitude around this time of the year when I hear the rain poring while I’m dry and warm at home. What did you do last week? Did you go trick or treating?