I told myself the other day that I was going to stop posting what I got in my Treat Box but after re looking at my pictures, I take it back, I just have to show you the great stuff that came in November’s box. I can’t believe I have been getting these monthly boxes for nearly two years. That itself says how great they are. This month there was an item that I had myself seen on Instagram, an item I was interested in trying, can you guess which item? I’ll tell you at the end.


The print was one of my favourite items in this months box, I am so there for the Hygge life. The bracelet I plan to put away as a Christmas present as I don’t tend to wear jewellery – I also lose jewellery including a once loved Pandora ring. The socks have already been worn, they are very soft and rather cute.

You can’t go wrong with a good pamper, especially if that means you need to shut your eye for a little power snooze when the kids are at school/nursery. On Monday I opened the space mask to take a photo of the mask while not realising that the heat activates when opened. It would have been a shame to waste it so I had to lie down for half an hour to enjoy its heat, I would use the Space Mask again. Not the one in this box as you can only use it once. The kiwi eye pads are still waiting for me to use! My partner is home all weekend so I am going to hide from the kids for an hour. There is 8 pads in the packet for you to I guess place all over your face like a face mask, they sound oddly interesting.

I am not going to lie, the pencils are awful, you can hardly see the colours when you used them in the colouring book or on any paper in fact. Pens worked in the colouring book so I can’t complain about that.


Could you guess what Item I had previously seen on Instagram eager to try? It was the Space Mask, I had not seen the kiwi eye pads before but if I had they would have caught my attention. I like things that are unique and different to things you might have tried before. Before kids I would have spent hours doing my hair, nails, etc. I now brush my teeth, splash water on my face, put moisturiser on and get into bed. This is why this box helps me keep up with my TLC. What would your favourite item be in Novembers Treat Box.