Do you like food? As I personally love food. Over the past twelve months I have been exploring different places to east out around my local area. It’s easy to walk past these places and never venture into them, the prices can be off-putting when other places do meal deals. I have realised over time though that smaller businesses may be dearer yet the food justifies the prices. I also think it is important to help small local businesses, our local town has had so many shops, cafe’s and many other places shut down over the recent years. The Cornish barn is one of my favourite places to go to during Autumn and Winter, when they serve Sunday roasts. I love a good roast – Nothing beats my mums roast though.

The Cornish Barn is a rustic restaurant, it’s so snug and warm, I would happily go there everyday to sit in front of the fire-place with a hot chocolate and a book. Rob and I have always said that we would one day have a home with a wood burner. the staff have always been very polite and catered to all our needs which include showing me to the baby changing facility.

A place can look beautiful but really it’s the food that has to be on point for me. I have always favoured beef over chicken, until I tried the beer can chicken, my mind was blown away as it has become my favourite dish that I have ever tried. After trying it the first time I have been back many occasions for more. Have you ever been to The Cornish Barn and tried the beer can chicken?


The one thing that annoys me I’ve found when visiting some restaurants is that you don’t get chips with the meal, you have to order them as a side dish paying even more. I keep going back though so I guess it’s a winning trick. You do get vegetables with your Sunday roast so that is my favourite time to go, it’s also cheaper to go on a Sunday as it was £15 for half a chicken with no chips during the week. You get a quarter of chicken with the Sunday roast but for me it was plenty to save room for desert, it’s £19.50 for two courses on a Sunday.

Above is the half chicken and below is the Sunday roast.

The desserts are served to perfection. I found a new love for cinnamon and apple crumble last winter, a recipe I made myself recently. The deserts are different this year being a choice of an ice cream sundae, or rum – infused creme brûlée, dark chocolate orange mousse with Honey comb and mascarpone ice cream. There is so many to choice from! I went to The Cornish Barn yesterday and got the ice cream sundae with no regret.


My son always goes for the ice cream even when the weather is chilly outside.

The drinks are very photogenic as well as tasty. The strawberry lemonade is a must try as well as the hot chocolate, I am not keen on the cocktail menu.

I tried a few of the cocktails one night last summer with a few of my friends, I found them very strong so each sip made me wince. I know cocktails are supposed to be strong but for me personally I like them more fruity.

Outside around the back there is a garden with shelter, seating, a bar, ping pong and a football table. There is also heated lamps for cold evenings. You can find a separate terrace near the garden with seating.


There is plenty more things to try on the menu, after seeing how I have only ever tried the beer can chicken I think I may try the black treacle beef brisket next time. During the week you can get stuff like a burger or fish which is stuff they get from local suppliers. There’s a breakfast menu as well was a daytime and evening menu. I like a place with variety which I find The Cornish Barn do offer, I just need to explore the menu more. I do love the chicken though if I have not already mentioned that enough. Where is your favourite place to eat out around Penzance or even Cornwall? Have you popped into The Cornish Barn before?