With my son at school we tend to save the fun stuff for the weekend, school is tiring enough so he likes to chill out in the evenings. Last week my son was sick on Thursday yet felt fine on the Friday. He couldn’t go to school obviously so we had to find some fun things to do inside, I admit I enjoyed him being home, I miss him so much those five days he’s at school. We have been getting into the festive spirit super early because I feel like there’s a hundred things we want to do, we couldn’t possibly fit it all in December. I think as well with the weekends being our only time to do stuff we in theory only have six weekends left. That’s right six! Four of those weekends we have things to do outside like visitor Santa, a kids party, Christmas lights, Lantern parades, ice skating – hopefully. I need to crack on with finishing my Christmas bucket list! Don’t carry on reading if you refused to see anything festive.

We baked some unicorn fairy cup cakes that had festive sprinkles. I will admit that I did bake some Paw patrol ones for my son to decorate, I had to get the unicorns perfect. I did make him some horns to put on his pups heads so he was just as pleased.

I got my son a book with loads of Christmas activities in it which included Christmas bunting. We still have a few more things to do in it, I hope to do a blog post on the book so keep an eye out for more photos and where I got the book from.

My partner took our son to see The Grinch so I got him Grinch bedding and put it on his bed as a surprise. My son learnt all of the Christmas songs last year so with him being at school and interested in reading I got him a sing along book. He was one lucky boy this week, I can’t wait to take him to see Santa and go to our favourite places.

I keep going on about life being rather festive already so let’s change it up. Firework night was beautiful. We always go to HeartLands, they always have a churro stall there! The waiting around in the long lines to the food stalls was tedious but once we got our food we were happy, we didn’t venture into the fair this year.


Have I mentioned that I only went and upgraded my blog to premium last week! With a little name change, the change has made me determine to focus on building my blog up over the next year. What do you think of my name change? Did you see my above video? That is a new feature included in the deal so expect more over the year including the Truro City of lights parade soon.

I went to The Cornish Barn on Sunday. Did you see my review on the place Here ? If you ever go there you have to try the beer can chicken.


Our local Newlook shut down last week – sad times. They had a 25% off sale on so I got some boots and Christmas hair accessories. Have you started to buy things ready for next month? The fact that I just wrote next month gave me all the feels to get planning even more, my December bullet journal pages are nearly ready to be revealed.

I am not sorry for mentioning the C word so much because I am happy to shout I’m EXCITED! Last year I would have rolled my eyes saying I just want to focus on getting through my pregnancy. Are you excited? Don’t get my wrong though the decorations will not go up for ages, I know a lady that already has three trees up.

What did you do last week?