I like to make it easy for everyone when it comes to shopping for me, Especially for my partner who leaves everything last-minute. I am easy to shop for to be honest. I love stationery, make up, perfume, clothes, chocolate, home-wear and the list goes on. I have noted down a few things on here that I have my eye. What’s on your Christmas list?

Origami set – I saw this in Sainsbury’s for £4.00. My partner did take a photo of the item so hopefully he lets Santa know.

Unicorn slippers – These Unicorn slippers from Marks And Spencer’s I saw on someone’s Instagram, I found them online for £10.00.

Peter Rabbit Scrapbook – I got a Peter rabbit scrapbook from my mum a few years ago which I will use in February for Luna’s first year in photos – I did the same for my son. I spotted a new one online from Paperchase for £14.00. I will need it for the following February, I’ll happily buy it for myself or maybe for Luna for her first birthday.

100 days of happiness journal – Paperchase have so many cool things I have found. I spotted this journal for £6.00.

Hand lettering calligraphy journal – I got loads of calligraphy stuff for my birthday so this calligraphy journal from Paperchase would be handy, it’s £14.00.

Unicorn bath poop drops – My mum has already got me these bath bombs from Newlook, they were £6.99. I’ve added them to the list as I am excited to use them in the new year.

Celebrate today sticker book – My partners sister reviewed these and I knew instantly that I loved them. They are from Amazon for £8.69 down from £12.99.

Unicorn dust bath shimmer – I find the Unicorn dust shimmer bath powder intriguing! I wonder what the bath would look if I added a bath bomb to it as well, would it look even better? I saw it online at Boots for £6.00.

There’s a few other items on my list like a bottle of Malibu, black converses and possibly a book that I haven’t requested so like a surprise, I think you would like to read this kinda present. There’s so much fun stuff I have found but I have kept it simple with stuff I love the most. I told you I’m easy to shop for! I need to crack on and buy everyone else’s gifts. I mean let Santa know what to get them.