I get more pleasure out of shopping for my kids than I do for myself. Recently I popped into Matalan, for the first time I might add, I fell inlove with everything. I couldn’t carry everything I wanted so I phoned my partner who was waiting in the car,  I did get six rolls of wrapping paper though so I am pretty much prepared for Christmas. Are you ready or are you rolling your eyes at my keen organisation?  I do like to get lots of crafty fun bits for me and my son to do so when I saw the sticker book it was a winner, my son was so excited when I showed him it last week.

I did have a flip through it before buying it to see that it had so many activities in it for us to do together, he is still learning to write so I helped with writing numbers and words but he answered all of the questions.

We haven’t yet complete the whole book as there is 47 pages of things to do.

My son favoured doing the press-outs. In it to press out and fix together are elves, reindeer, a snowman, a Christmas tree, a door hanger which you glue together after popping out the two pieces. We made our very own Christmas Scene which you will now find hidden around the house as I can’t seem to find all of our pieces that we made, no doubt they are hiding in my sons room.

This book is obviously easier for a child that can read on their own as the second I had to tend to Luna my oldest started guessing what to do on each page, to be honest he did have fun learning to stay in the lines below in the picture as you can see. He found it fun using his imagination.

The book is true to its words as you will find three lots of double paged stickers, they are all different on each page which was impressive. I have seen many stickers books that just repeat the same images on every page.

All in all I would get this book again for the three pounds I paid. I like how some of the activities encourage my child to count, to take a minute to think about the questions like ‘what penguin is the odd one out?’ You can find all of the answers after each section – there are three sections in the book. I have been picking up a mixture of activities after seeing how much my son enjoyed this book. keep checking back for my updates on all of the fun stuff we get up to over the next month.