Last week and to be honest over the last three weeks I’ve been rather proud of myself. I have been out so much compared to living in the baby bubble, I’ve been adventurous be that a little trip to Costa. I struggled with Luna waking up hourly so since she has slept longer at night I’ve felt up to doing more. I wish I could share ever moment but I would be here for hours so I’ve narrowed it down, as best I can. I got flowers from my partner, indulged in cake, had a bath on my own! No kids. I even cleaned my blog up finally so each post has the right category after recently changing lots around. I have been one busy bee.


We went to the Eden project which we try and do yearly. Every year on certain weekends they have free entry for different job roles, I’m a career. They usually offer two weekends for each role, some roles they do on the same weekend. You get two adults and two children in for free as well, they spoil us! As we saved money we took our son and nephew ice skating, ate pancakes and then walked around watching their fascinated faces absorbing all there was to see. I was impressed to see lots had changed in the two years since I had last been there.

I got my son a bath bomb in the gift shop there, I did get myself one as well.

I got a few Christmas decorations from The Range, I have put the lights up because I didn’t want another thing sitting around the house – they are rather beautiful.

My mum treated me to breakfast. I remembered I was yet to get a Christmas Costa cup so we headed there after, I highly recommend the gingerbread sticky toffee cake. Don’t worry the cake wasn’t my breakfast.

My friends little boy goes to the same nursery as Luna so we met up there for some cake while also donating some money for children in need. My friend donated a cake which was cute of her, I aim to do the same next year after not knowing I could have donated a cake to help them make money.

I got a few Christmas craft sets from Poundland so my oldest and I set upon making one. The instructors were rubbish! I had to use my imagination as to where the colourful pieces went, they turned out alright.


My dad was down so we all went to St Ives for lunch with my Nan and aunties. I love raspberry lemonade, more than I love strawberry lemonade, I also love a good burger and fries.

My dad has the below beast of a burger!

For months I have been slowly buying Christmas decorations. My mum and sister know I’m going with the theme pink Christmas this year so they have also picked things up for me, the stuff is building up in my room. I have been on Monday’s taking photos of the stuff to hopefully do a decoration haul. My mum found the unicorn in Newlook and got my son a reindeer. My dad got me the Unicorn chocolate when we went to watch the fireworks, I’ve eaten that already, it was yummy.

I love doing these posts as it helps me be positive as well as have gratitude. I have a lot to be thankful for, at twenty four I’m happy with how much I’ve grown as a person. I feel like the older I get the more precious I get about life and the little things. What do you have to be thankful for?

I have written up my bullet journal post which I will share with you over the weekend, below is a sneak peak at one of the photos.