Last week on the Wednesday we headed to Truro to watch the City Of Lights parade. The weather wasn’t the best, we got hailed on and many mums like myself had to buy an umbrella to cover the prams, the weather forecast lied to us! Rob did take Luna back to the car while my mum, son and myself stood waiting eagerly for the parade. The parade started half an hour later than it said online, we didn’t mind though and had some churros while waiting. If you have never tried a salted caramel churro you need to. This years theme was remember in honour of Remembrance Day which in my opinion they did beautifully. With the parade including lots of local schools I, as a mum think that it’s important to teach the next generation about Remembrance Day, to teach them why it’s import to honour the sacrifice many made for our country while loosing their lives. I also think it’s important to be educated on how others use to live, that children were not as fortunate with even food which was some what a luxury in those times of sacrifice. I love to live life with gratitude, not forced but real appreciation for what we have, be that the little moments in life with family.

Below is the lanterns that many have spent so much time and effort on.


I think my favourite lantern was the lion which represented that not only humans suffered in those times but animals did as well. I also liked the train which in the windows you could spot evacuees. My son was fascinated with the lanterns which got him asking many questions, he finds history interesting because in reality it is. When people moan about life now I can’t help but roll my eyes, we are all guilty for moaning about silly things I am sure? Let’s all never forget ‘they gave us their tomorrow for our today’ we have so much to be thankful for.