It is officially socially acceptable to say the word Christmas, not that I’ve not already expressed my excitement already. Have I mentioned how this year Christmas is going to be extra special, especially with two kids. To be honest after today I can say it’s already showing its magic. It’s not about the presents, it’s not even about the day, for me I love the whole month be that watching The Grinch, in pyjamas eating mince pies. That’s tomorrow’s plan but for now here’s how we started this months magic in St Ives. I hope you have had a beautiful start to December.

If you are popping into St Ives tomorrow I highly recommend you pop into the Guildhall, you will find the Etsy made local St Ives. There’s 40 stalls with lots to buy for Christmas presents, stocking fillers or even for yourself because why not.

Below is just a few of the stalls that caught my attention.

The whole place was like a grotto filled with fairy lights, my son was expecting Santa to jump out. If only!

I have to show you what I bought from some of the stalls, I did get a couple of other things for Christmas presents which I won’t show you.

My son chose the red L Christmas decoration from Marks and Spencer’s. I had to hunt one down for Luna, I was so happy when I spotted the pretty pink and blue L to hang on our tree tomorrow.

I have the below print on a post card and a badge already so I had to get the coaster to match them.

After sampling the chocolates I couldn’t resist buying some.

The below mini garland I got from a shop called The Nature Of Paper. I did buy some confetti from them last year, there was loads of lovely bunting to choose from so choosing one was hard. I am going to use it in my scrapbook.

If you know me well you will know how cake is a big guilty pleasure of mine.

After we had a little shop we had to get some food to keep us going. I now have a new favourite pizza, a Christmas pizza! My mum and I got one to share regrettably as we could have eaten one each.

Once we were fed and full we headed out to watch the City Of Lights parade. I went to Truro last week to watch it which I wrote about Here. The St Ives one had one lantern from the Truro parade, can you spot which one?

We attempted to walk around the harbour, the rain started to flood down so we ran back and got crepes – A tradition of ours.

On our way back up the town I spotted a pretty shop that is partaking in the Christmas window display competition. I also popped in and got a couple of Yankee candles, which one should I burn tomorrow?

We also spotted snow! Well, a snow machine but to my son it was everything. He found the whole day so magical with the lights, food, people, everything was just so peaceful and warmed our hearts.

Before I had kids Christmas was about getting drunk and waking up at about ten. I didn’t go to family events, I didn’t feel festive in the slightest. I guess as we get older it just isn’t the same. Along come the kids and it’s clear to me what Christmas is about, family, memories, the magic is what we make for them and ourselves. Next year my son won’t tell me what he got on Christmas day, he can tell you everywhere we went and everything that we did last year though. What makes this month magical for you? Did you go to St Ives this weekend?Β 


Below is a poster on lots more that is going on in St Ives over December.