I sit here trying to think back to what we did last week and my mind is blank. It’s a good job I take a lot of photos, how many photos do you take a day? Last week seemed to be all about the sugar as well as a few new items to show you. I’m so there for the evenings at the minute, I’m especially so there for early bedtimes as my mind thinks the 6pm dark sky is later that it is. I was at work last week and checked three clocks confused at how it was just half three, it felt like five o’clock. Are you a little confused with the darker evenings?

We went to Truro to watch the City Of Lights parade which I have already mentioned Here. I kind of wish we could relive that evening which I guess we did yesterday, with crepes instead of churros in St Ives.

I was yet to get Lunas Christmas Day dress as I needed to really love an outfit for it to be worth buying, I saw a few maybe dresses earlier in the month but knew I should wait a little longer. When I saw the below dress I just knew it was the one.

I did get her a jumper as well because you know me and unicorns.

Our son wasn’t forgotten! He was so happy to have some orange pyjamas as that is his favourite colour. The photo next to the recent one is of him at age 2, a time that feels like a lifetime ago.

It was Robs sisters birthday this week so I made her a little picnic last week. What’s a tea party without cake.

I want to go out one evening this month all dressed up and feeling fabulous, a feeling that is rare to come by. I’m usually covered in baby sick or my hair is tied up in its usual messy bun. I have an outfit I got in the summer so I ordered some new shoes to match, I just need to think of a reason to head out past bedtime.

I found some of my Christmas mugs in a draw in my room so they are out ready to use this month. My son has already declared which ones are his, he loves a good hot chocolate filled with marshmallows and cream.

I took some photos of my Treat Box advent calendar which I will share with you tomorrow, I’m going to do a blog post on it and upload each item everyday – hopefully! Do check back tomorrow to see the yummy treat that I opened today.

I think last week was rather chilled, we didn’t do an awful lot compared to this week. I like chilled weeks as sometimes less is more am I right? On that note I am about to have a cuppa, stick a film on, get in my pyjamas and relax. I hope you had a good weekend? Did you relax much last week?