Over the past two years I have shared with you, when I could the stuff I got in my monthly subscription from the Treat Box. Last year there was an advent calendar which I didn’t notice until they had sold out, they sold out quickly, I was gutted. I knew that this year I had to get one especially after seeing how fun filled it was last year. There was the option earlier in the year to start paying each month so I could spread the cost, I went with buying it in one go. I was beyond excited when I saw that people on Instagram had started getting theirs through the post last month, sure enough mine was not far behind, I could have hugged the post man! I am four days in and so far so good which is no surprise as so much thought and effort has gone into the advent calendars. I have loved seeing updates on Instagram of the parcels being hand wrapped. There is 24 little parcels to open which I would like to show you each day, I will keep coming back and adding the days when I open them. I have been tempted to open them all so I am proud of my self control. Did you order a Treat Box advent calendar? 

There was string and little legs with the stuff which I tried to use to hang it all, I couldn’t seem to get the stuff to stay hanging up. I find it easier to just keep the stuff in a box.


Day 1: For day one there was a mason jar, straw and some chalk to write on the mini chalk board star which is on the mason jar. I can already imagine the milkshakes in the summer with this item.

Day 2: I tried to guess this item before I opened it, I guessed right! I did sit down with a cuppa yesterday to enjoy my biscuit.

Day 3: I opened this day with my son and he said is that for me? It is a cute little note-book which I have let him keep.

Day 4: Ah how cute is the little reindeer decoration! He is now on my tree surrounded by pink decorations – We are having a pink Christmas this year. 

Day 5: I don’t love the little purse thing in day five but know someone who will. I knew that if any of the items weren’t for me at this time of the year I could gift them to someone else, nothing goes to waste. 


Day 6: Now we are talking! A bath popsicle fizzers was a perfect excuse for a relaxing bath. I loved the packaging, I could smell the fizzer before I even opened day six.

Day 7: This year I am going with the theme pink Christmas. Everything can’t realistically be all pink so I have a few white and red things around, including the day seven decoration that is now on my tree. I like that there is some Christmas stuff in the advent calendar.

Day 8: I love how there is stuff that I can use in the new year, the dish shouts Spring. I will be placing this in the kitchen. 

Day 9: You can’t go wrong with lip balm at this time of the year. Oddly though this is the first year I have not suffered with chapped lips, maybe I wont at all if I keep applying the balm.

Day 10: The necklace is adorable, it is so detailed which I tried to show in the photo.

Day 11: I don’t know what it is with me and hand mirrors but I always loose them! I needed one so it’s perfect, let’s see how long it survives though.

Day 12: I’m loving the Christmas decorations in this box. 

Day 13. A true story here my partner was moaning I used all of his shower gel last night so he had nothing to use for his needed shower, I came up with the goods. well day 13 did. 

Day 14: Day 14 is my favourite! The wax melt smells so good, I have it burning while I type this, it is giving me a sweet tooth. Including my December subscription box I got two lots of wax this month so I have been spoilt.



I now need to remember to come back each day and share with you what is in each bag. I will write what I think of this advent calendar just after Christmas, I can’t imagine I will have Time on Christmas Eve. What do you think of the stuff so far?