With less than three weeks until Christmas I am on a mission to get everything done. I might have cleaned a lot last week but I did find some time for myself, I have been creative and found myself on Monday enjoying a lazy morning in bed. Rob and I have watched a few films on tv together, it’s so hard to make time for each other. Date nights are now munch outs in bed with a dvd, whatever works right. I did have a busy fun week last week which you can read about below.


We bought a tree! Last year our middle nephew helped us decorate it so it was nice to have the help again this year, though the boys spent most of the time ripping up the window stickers. I found the evidence when I put my son to bed. My nephews mum brought over cupcakes which were so good.



When we went to St Ives last week I did buy a few other things I haven’t mentioned yet. Luna got some new pyjamas because I hate putting a onesie on her, she doesn’t keep still so it’s easier to put normal pyjamas on her, ones without a thousand buttons.


I got myself a hot chocolate and a decorative chocolate, I’m yet to eat/drink them. I often get chocolate from I should coco because it’s delicious and helps keep a local small business thriving.

Each year I buy a few really nice Christmas decorations so over the years my collection builds. I can’t afford to go out and kit the whole house out in one go, I also don’t see a point in buying cheap ones that break each year. Do you buy just a couple each year?

Have I mentioned how I had the best time with my son last week in St Ives? I miss the just us times together, don’t get me wrong I love Luna, I wouldn’t imagine life without her, It’s just that I will always crave one on one time with them both. I need two of me.

One thing I love about St Ives is the cute little shops. I saw the below slippers that I wish I had a good excuse to buy them for, Luna doesn’t keep any shoes/slippers on for more than a minute.

When I had my lazy bed morning last week I made a Christmas card. I have not made a card in nearly a year, I have to choose what to use my time for and card making is right at the bottom of my things to do.

As well as card making I practised learning calligraphy. At first I did what I did last time which was give up, within a minute I sulked and thought I guess it’s just not for me. I knew once I said that I would realise giving up isn’t the answer. I stopped trying to learn the fancy letters and figure out how to use the ink and pen, I was trying to run before I could walk. After hours I got it! Yes I have a long way to go but I’m getting there.

I think last week was so much about doing the things I wanted to do, no excuses, I just did it. Life isn’t always easy in regards to getting stuff done but it’s possible. I’m my worst enemy at times with giving up, forgetting about what’s important, I think if I was to set one main goal for next year it would be to keep pushing myself. I think I have been brilliant this year with how I’ve grown. I set little (realistic) goals in my head and complete them, I find myself a lot more productive and keen to learn new things. What main goal do you want to achieve?