I feel kind of naughty opening up any kind of goodies right before Christmas. When the postman popped this months Treat Box through the letter box I snatched it up quick, I wasn’t going to wait a second longer. I am impressed with myself for not opening all of my advent calendar – the struggle has been real. I am the most impatient person I know! As a kid I always opened my presents very carefully, way before Christmas to peek, I then closed them back up perfectly. One year I asked for all of the sims 2 expansion packs, I found them and downloaded them onto my computer way before Christmas. My mum was none the wiser come Christmas Day. This month from all of the stuff in the box and my advent calendar I’ve had around 30 surprises! Well I will have when my advent comes to an end on Christmas Eve. Here’s the stuff I got in Decembers Box…

The first item I noticed was a cranberry and apple sheet mask. I wish I could type that I’ve had time to indulge and enjoy it but I would be lying, this weekend though I’m dying my hair, sticking the mask on and eating the GNAW winter wonder chocolate. Maybe with a cheeky glass of Malibu. Who says we can’t have it all? Let’s hope the kids agree!

I am going to point out something funny. When I first got my advent calendar I did feel everything trying to guess what it all was, I remember thinking I felt chocolate. Is day 23 below a GNAW bar as they look the same size. They also feel the same. I will have to wait and see.

For someone who loves taking photos of prints, the rocking around the Christmas tree one is a perfect addition to my collection. I wonder how many prints I have in total now. The diary is also something that will help me remember school events next year, I also have a dentist appointment in January which I’ll put in there.

There’s plenty of space on each day to note down important things. There’s also notes pages after each month.

Now we are talking! 12 prints for my photos, I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat when I saw these. The sausage dog one is the only one I didn’t like as I’m not a dog person. There was some pegs and string with the cards giving me the option to hang it all like bunting, I love the silver pegs which now add to my peg collection. I currently have gold, rose gold, brown and now silver pegs. You can do a lot with pegs. My favourite card is the baby it’s cold outside. Which one is your favourite?

I saved the best for last. If you don’t have a wax burner or never tried a wax melt you are missing out. Different scents set the mood for each season, with some Christmas tunes on I can shut my eyes and feel Christmassy. I’d say the below scent is more candy cane. I didn’t use a lot, yet, you would agree the kitchen smelt very sweet, I am not complaining as it was a delicious scent. This is now the second wax melt company I have had the pleasure of testing from a Treat Box.

December is the last month to a beautiful year that saw my daughter join our family, I plan on making this month so cosy. It’s also the last box of the year leaving me excited to see what next year brings. What item in this box is your favourite?