Come Monday I can say it’s Christmas next week! How has that flown by so quick? I have finished wrapping all of the presents, I have been wrapping a few presents each night this week so it wasn’t frustrating. There’s just a few things to get next week and then I can put me feet up. I plan on watching all things festive next week but, for now let’s talk about last week, a week that I saw so much awe in my sons eyes.

Even I am confused with the above this week, last week, next week, December is flying by so quickly that I can’t keep up with each week.

We went to my childhood village light switch on, we go there every year without a doubt. My son saw fake snow, lanterns, lots of kids playing, music and Santa! He was so excited and fascinated by the whole evening of festivities. Next year our sweet girl will be joining in which makes my heart burst.

There was also a van called Pop Waffles there to tempt our sweet tooth’s, I was full after some pub food yet wished I got one after seeing my mums desert. I did have the pleasure of trying a waffle from Pop Waffles in the summer.

When my son finished school one day last week we rushed home to decorate some biscuits. I did the Icing and my son sprinkled the sprinkles.

Luna managed to pinch a couple of sprinkles, the evidence is on her lips – She is quick!

If it rains when we are home from the school run my son gives me a look, we both know it calls for a warm mug of hot chocolate.

My sons school had a fate, they asked parents to fill and donate jars to help raise money for the school. Me being me left it last minute, for a quick last minute job it turned out well.

I ‘attempted’ to make some cakes for the school fate, after tasting them they went straight in the bin. They looked good though. Shame they felt like I was chewing plastic.

Tis the season to light pretty glitter tea-lights. My burner has really helped set a cosy mood in the house over the past few weeks.

I also found myself sipping a hot cup of tea while eating a biscuit. I didn’t read the book as I realised there was a book before it that I need to read first.

Last Saturday last minute Rob and I went to dinner with his side of the family, it’s a year tradition. We do it for his Aunts birthday yet this year we hadn’t planned anything. I knew in my heart that it should be happening so I phoned around, a place called Blacks in Penzance had a space for us all. We enjoyed good company, food and cocktails. We went there last year and yet again the Christmas decorations looked beautiful.

I went to Plymouth with my mum and sister, we met our dad for lunch. While up there I saw so many things that I could imagine Luna in when she is a little older, I wish I got the shoes now and hoped they fit her next Winter. The slippers were also super cute. We finished shopping an hour before our train which was a first.

When we went to get our train the train driver said prams can only go on first class on that train. We got a free upgrade! Thank you Luna, the first class wasn’t much different to second class.

Lastly we went to lunch on the Sunday. My sweet tooth is letting me down laitly, I snapped a photo of Robs desert wishing I had room in my belly for some, I did taste it though of courses.

I found out last week that Scent Circus is closing it’s shop which was gutting, they did have everything for sale at half price so I stocked up. I got a few for Christmas presents as well so that was another reason to order some. I hope that next week goes quick as I’m most excited about having two weeks with both of my kids, will I be saying that come the end of those two weeks? What are your plans for next week? Are you prepared for Christmas?