I can not remember what life was like before having kids, I imagine rather dull. There is never a dull day in our lives with a bubbly, cheeky ten month old as well as a chatty four year old. As each months comes and goes Luna is learning more and more stuff, I hear new words from her, she has started to take steps without any help and stands for long periods of time. Is she still a baby? As I see a toddler who knows way too much like opening cupboards! I find myself so amused as well as amazed with both of my children.

I’ve not posted in awhile as I wanted to enjoy the festive period, okay I wanted to watch loads of tv, eat lots of sugar and be super lazy but I have no regrets. Luna goes to bed between five and six, I know early right, if Luna had it her way she would be snoozing at four! The problem I find is Luna wants to nap at half two but the school run gets in the way of it. It’s hard for her to get her wanted two naps, she won’t nap while out when she hears all of the kids. She still has one night feed, I’m happy to say we do get the odd full nights sleep.

Luna enjoyed her very first Christmas. Of course wrapping paper is a lot more appealing to a baby, I dread to think of how much she managed to eat before I could get it from her. She loves her new very noisy toys. I will say that Luna didn’t get many presents because why would I spend lots of money on a baby? She doesn’t need a lot, she didn’t need to sit and open lots of presents or even have an interest in doing so. I also don’t know what she’s into like I do my son so I didn’t stress trying to find stuff for the sake of it, she was happy enough with the few things she was lucky to get. I mostly got her clothes and books which she needed in a sense. She does love the Twirly woos which is the only show she will sit and watch on tv.

Luna is so needy this month so she has given me lots of proper cuddles, I can’t get enough of them. She will crawl over to me so much throughout the day just for a little hug and a kiss which is sweet – She does kiss you on the lips back and pouts now as well. My heart is skipping while I write this as she has such a cute cuddly character. She is pinching less and slowly learning to stroke peoples faces, while learning to identify people like who is nana, mama and dada. She will look at who you are saying.

Luna has not been to nursery for a month as she was poorly and then a sick bug was going around, we didn’t need to catch that! I’m wondering if she will settle back okay when she goes back. I don’t need her in nursery, to be honest I’d love to keep her all to myself but it benefits her so much, she’s so confident around people and other kids now. Luna only goes to nursery for a few hours once a week.

We went to a soft play area last week which Luna loved, I was surprised with the fact that she loved the bouncy castle, she also loved watching other kids run around.

The older Luna gets the more she wants to play with her brother. I call her a little ducking as she followers him everywhere he goes, I feel bad for him he can have anything with her constantly snatching from him. Luna still doesn’t understand the word no, that or she chooses to ignore me saying no. I often get a yeah back from her and a smile.

The girl can now climb! After a week of saying leave the Christmas tree alone she did but putting it up high made no difference. This year we got a fake tree as I didn’t want pine in her little tummy, she will eat anything mouth size.

I feel as though I may cry when I type up Lunas eleven month old update, it will come around fast and If I don’t cry then I will for sure when she turns a year old. She is such a beautiful little soul who brings so much into our lives, her smile is like my little light bulb when her brother is at school. I miss my first child so much when he is at school, Luna and I skip to collect him in the week. She misses him just as much as me because when she’s Home she doesn’t leave his side, you can’t buy that type of love. I’m excited  for summer adventures with my two. I plan to have lots of beach trips, visits to the park, with two little ones walking around having me breathless chasing them. I might save some energy up now while I can.