Don’t worry I am sharing more than just what we did last week, since I’ve not shared what we have done over the past few weeks I’ll be sharing more. Where do I start? I’ve been eating good food, watching films, living in my pyjamas and just relaxing in between cleaning the house for Christmas. I decided I was going to spend my evenings indulging in life instead of social media. Switching off is so refreshing isn’t it? To not be panicking that I need to do this and need to do that, I love blogging but I felt as though my evenings shouldn’t have been spent on the computer. I’ll (Hopefully) be sharing with you tomorrow how we spent Christmas as well as what I got from people, I was so lucky and very grateful. Let’s talk about the weeks leading up to Christmas.

below is a little peak at the start of my new bullet journal. New year new start! I’ll share more next week, saying that I need to crack on tonight and do a few more pages.

I went to lunch with my kids and my son and I ordered a hot chocolate each. I’m hoping to take my son back for another one next week, I’m loving half term with having time to do a lot more together.

My son saw Santa! Santa told him that he is supposed to keep his room clean or he will be on the naughty list, I would like to say he went home and cleaned his room but he didn’t. If there is one thing that I’m doing next year it is a chore chart! Start them young ey.

I met my Nan and Auntie for lunch with my mum, little Luna was showing everyone her big beautiful smile.

I’m so there for the hygge life, running a warm bath, eating chocolate and getting into bed super early to binge watch things on Netflix. That to me is bliss. I don’t know if anyone knows this but I’m rather fond of boxes of chocolates.

I mentioned last time that each night I wrapped a couple of presents. We have such a big family, there’s so many people to buy for, I do like buying for people though so it was fun shopping for everyone. Below is a picture of family member gifts all bagged up and ready to go. Do you get more pleasure out of giving or receiving?

I went to Mousehole with Robs sister and my nephew, plus the kids. It rained, I looked around and said is this it? I mean yes it was beautiful but I wouldn’t go every year seeing as the lights are the same each year. Maybe it would have been better without a pram on a full bus, without the rain soaking us. It’s a mission to get there for what it was. From what I typed then my sons impression was the complete opposite, he didn’t care about the rain or full bus. He loved seeing all the lights and people everywhere. It’s so beautiful seeing life through a child eyes, it’s inspiring really to not think of the negatives and embrace what there is.

My sweet tooth is loving life at the minute. I won’t be setting any New Years revaluations to cut back on the sugar, you won’t see me posting workouts or any desire to change what I like that maybe I shouldn’t indulge in. I have cake in the fridge as we speak ready for when Rob and I stick on Vikings, a series I recommend watching.

I’m not shocked with myself for the amount of food photos I’ve shared. I should have titled this post what I ate recently Ha! I wish I could post all the crafts sets I got that I should have done with my son but we didn’t do them. Luna is trying to eat everything, she screams at us when she can’t be involved so it’s just not worth the hassle this year. Next year though they will be done. We’ve also done stuff like over watch The Grinch, have duvets on the sofa evenings, walk around looking at my mums local Christmas lights again. I will share tomorrow what we did on Christmas Day. I hope you had a lovely Christmas with lots of memories to treasure.