Do you love having a nosey at what everyone got for Christmas? I do. Isn’t it fun to see cool stuff you haven’t seen before, It’s also nice to read how grateful and excited people are from even something someone made for them. I am so grateful for everything I got and know how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I do, that I’m also lucky to have my kids and a partner to of spent Christmas with. When I share what I get for my birthday and Christmas each year I don’t say what each person got me. I will say now the biggest thank you to my friends and family for not just the gifts, but also for the memorise made over the past few weeks/year. What did you get for Christmas?

I now have enough bath bombs to last me well into the year which is great. I don’t work much at the moment so my little income wouldn’t be spent on bathbombs next year, good job I’ve got a stash now! The Little Snow Fairy set is my sons which he got for Christmas.

I’m also well stocked up on other bath products, some of the items were on my wish list. I’ve used the misguided bath dust and it sure did make my bath sparkle as well as smell amazing.

I’ve used one of the face masks already and found my skin so soft after. I wouldn’t personally go and buy the Soap And Glory masks at over three pounds each, again I don’t have spare money for such price. I do love the set though.

I see a pattern with this being I’m now well stocked up with candles and wax melts. I ordered a lot in December as my favourite company was closing down, sad times. My little draws are now full so I won’t have to order any until next Autumn at this rate.

My favourite socks EVER are the ones from River Island and guess what! Luna and I now have matching socks, I’m way too excited about that fact but I find it cute.

I saw the Urban Decay moondust pallet during the summer, I regretted not buying it. I saw it on sale in Plymouth while shopping so phoned my partner up, I often just buy my presents from him to save him running around Christmas Eve, yes he’s one of those last-minute types. It’s so sparkly and perfect.

My sister and I both unknown to us for a while both got each other the same Christmas present! I mentioned it to her one day and forgot I did so, I then ordered her one – I wanted to keep it for myself. Do expect a full review in the new year when I put them to the taste test.

My mum and dad so kindly got my sister and I a lovely box set each of our favourite perfumes.

I’ve been practicing calligraphy for a while now, I’m so pleased with how well it’s coming along. Never give up right. I’ll be testing out my skills soon with my new white ink on black paper.

I am fascinated to try to make my own bath fizzers! I’m also keen to try the origami set but know I should do it with my sister – she’s a pro at making things with paper.

Is it sad that my favourite presents is the glitter glue gun? I lost my glue gun last Easter so my mum got my a new one with glitter glues. I’ve tested it out and the glue looks lovely.

bubbly messy shakes for this summer! Aw wait next summer. This summer from tomorrow.

I’ve watch both seasons of Anne Of Green Gables on Netflix, I loved it. When I saw the book on my partners sister wish list I instantly thought I want that as well. I order it as a present from my partner, he was happy come Christmas Eve to just wrap the presents I got myself.

I’m going to go through my journals tomorrow and decide which ones to use next year, I don’t see myself with the time to use them all. I already do my one line a day and hope to keep up with my bullet journal most days.

Notebooks always come in handy and the little ones would fit in my bag perfectly.

I love the Hand Lettering book as it will help me practice my skills at calligraphy.

I already have a Peter rabbit photo album for Lunas first year in photos so the new one will be used for her age one to two photos.

The below book is a present my son got which I had to share with you, the illustrations are amazing. I really do appreciate everything everyone got me for Christmas. My nan made us some yummy things which didn’t make the photos because we ate them, oops. I am kinda sad 2018 is going because it was a lovely year, the year my daughter filled my heart, my son started school, I have been more adventurous. Although my mum found out she had cancer we are hoping that in a few months with more tests she will be in the clear. Here’s to a great year and if it wasn’t so great lets all start fresh tomorrow. Happy New year for in a few hours time!