I can’t believe I’m looking back at last week thinking was it Christmas just last week? It seems like forever ago. With it being a reflection on last week this post is filled with photos of the day we all spent weeks preparing for, we spend so much time preparing for just one day. Is it just the one day that excites us though? For me I wanted to space out the memorise and fun so we stayed my mums for two nights, I’m glad we did! We had the best week really. I’m so grateful for the people in my life to spend time with, for helping me show my kids the meaning of Christmas. 2019 couldn’t possibly beat 2018 as I look back and remember so many beautiful memories, Lunas birth, snow, beach days, pumpkin patch, Halloween, bbqs, birthdays. I do have high hopes for this year though at being a year to miss come 12 months time.

Christmas Eve:

On Christmas Eve we met up with Robs gran, dad, sister as well as a few other family members. We all enjoyed a lovely lunch at our local pub. Luna got super cranky towards the end so I rushed home, I was also keen to get some Christmas films on and enjoy so time with just the kids.

Christmas Day:

We didn’t go over the top and buy things for our kids for the sake of it, my son mostly got activities we could do together. His face in the morning was so cute as he really thought that Santa had broken in and left him gifts.

Luna was more aware than I thought she would be, she showed a big interest with her new toys and of course all of the wrapping paper was like a dream come true. Why do babies love wrapping paper so much?

After we spent a relaxing morning unwrapping presents, eating a cooked breakfast I mustard up for us all, as well as Robs mum and great Aunt, we headed over to my mums for two days of bliss. Robs dad also popped over before we left so we saw everyone on Christmas Day. It was a busy day. Once at my mums we ate our Christmas dinner, opened our presents, the adults presents the kids had to wait for our oldest nephew to come over.

You can see what presents I got Here.

Once we got home from getting our nephew the kids eagerly started to open their gifts from my parents. We could not see the living room floor with all of the wrapping paper everywhere! If Luna wasn’t in her element in the morning she sure was at my mums – I dread to think of how much paper she swiped into her mouth.

The kids were so lucky with everything they got, another reason why we don’t buy a lot ourselves is because of how generous everyone is. I say we didn’t get a lot it’s more that we don’t spend hundreds of pounds on stuff for the kids. I will however spend a lot on desert! With there being so many of us I pick up two deserts while my brother also got one, I felt very sick after eating my fair share.

We then finished the day with a board game, you know the one you shouldn’t play with family members? Monopoly. I stole in total £500 from the bank, okay £1000 but that’s the aim of the game. We had the cheaters addition and whoever is rolling gets the money pot, when no one looks you are supposed to steal. We played for ten minutes and then everyone had a melt down.

My sister and I had a pamper session while the men were at the pub! I didn’t even know pubs opened on Christmas Day.

Boxing Day:

We went shopping on Boxing Day at 8am to get the kids some clothes from Next. I got a thirty pound Next voucher for Christmas which of course went on the kids, I don’t generally shop for myself in Next. I got some bargains! We then realised my mums cooker was broken so we had to pop to mine to cook up some party food, we always have a buffet on Boxing Day. To be honest I had one drink in the evening and wanted to just sit and watch the telly. We were all exhausted by this point so we ate some food, played a few games, watched Vikings and then headed to bed.

How beautiful is Lunas dress below.

For the rest of last week we did absolutely nothing, we watched films, ate a lot and tidied up a hundred times with all of the new toys everywhere. It was bliss, the whole week was. I was going to clean my sons room today with his new toys still everywhere but noticed him playing in there so left it be, he’s back at school tomorrow so I’ll clean then. Can we do last week all over again? I hope you had a lovely Christmas last week.