A new year called for a new bullet journal. When my partners sister sent me in the direction to the Got2Jot website I knew I had found the one, the cover had me right away. I’m a love at first sight kinda girl. The productivity journal is way more sparkly in person than it looks online – even better! So Fresh pages, fresh mind, I was ready to plan certain things in my life or reflect on things to help me be proactive. I’m not the most motivated person, I get days where I’m like no way, not today I’m going to do nothing. This year I want to be more motivated and figure out where I thrive more in life. It’s easy to say yes I love this and that but what do I really benefit from mentally? I’m hoping that with the pages I show you it will help you think, maybe I need to focus more on what I already do and how can I be proactive in developing that more. This year I’m going more with the do you and not reach for new goals as I’m pretty sure I scratch the surface with what I should be doing.

I did what I did in my last bullet journal and that is I didn’t really think about how I wanted to lay everything out. Luckily this journal has page numbers and a few pages for contents, I can easy just see what page I am looking for.

The one thing that I knew I wanted to do in this journal was add some of my inspiration cards. I also wanted to use stationery items that I’ve owned for a few years, items that my heart didn’t want to use which is silly as that’s why I buy stuff.

This is were things got interesting, so goals? What are your 2019 goals? Last year I said I am making no goals with a baby due so I didn’t. This year I’m busy with a baby so big goals are not realistic, small goals, ones that don’t effect me having to physically do a lot is realistic. I guess we have to do what works for us right! Firstly I wanted to write down what I do well, things that I have even improved on just last year. I then wrote a few goals that I knew I could keep as I more or less do them now – except the holiday one as that is a desire. I wanted it to be an uplifting few pages, to get me thinking well of myself, to not put myself down and be like well you still need to do this and this ect.

I love, love, love! Being creative. I said that in a dramatic way because it’s true, when my brain is creating something I feel this rush of motivation. As a mum of two I don’t find a lot of time to pamper that side of my life. I had to meet myself half way by being creative with stickers as well as washi tape, one day I’ll have hours to draw up lovely illustrations. To be honest I love the below spread. I won’t lie I ripped out three pages in a rage as I couldn’t perfect the January the way I wanted, I soon just accepted that It was what it was so stopped destroying my journal.

last year I said that I tried doing the diary style pages but didn’t get on with it. I have stuck to a mini monthly calendar which works well for me. I have a different journal for blog related stuff but I also want to keep ideas in my bullet journal, I guess if I keep writing things down they will stick in my head better. I’m dyslexic so I struggle to remember anything, I also struggle with spelling things, blogging has hugely helped with my spelling.

So far I felt really positive and motivated. I don’t need fitness spreads, mood charts or cleaning charts. I need things that can help me feel motivated/happy and looking at how often I cleaned wouldn’t make me smile. I clean enough to know things get done.

I feel like writing stuff down is the first step in getting stuff done, would you agree?

I titled the below left page wrong. I would say it is more a January to do page, I only set bucket lists for Spring, Summer and Autumn, Winter is for movies at home while hiding from the rain. I have put a couple of things on it which I hope to do yet if not that’s okay. I’ve wrote the stuff down on sticky notes so if I don’t do them they can go on Februarys page, Hopefully I’ll move nothing. I’ll laugh if come December they are all sitting on Decembers to do page. I loved doing a doodle page last month so that’s something I’m doing again, instead of doing it in one go I’m adding doodles through the month when I can.

I don’t have a pattern with where I add prints I just added them when I have had time, It’s a lot like what I do in my scrapbook.

I messed up the below page but fear not as I’m sure I’ll master the skill of writing with a brush pen. I have a white pen that I used for mistakes, it made it look so much worse. I want to write down every film that I watch this year as I think it will be interesting to see how much telly I watch. I also want to read a couple of books – there’s only two on my to read list which is realistic.

I feel so motivated just from looking at the photos while writing this post. I feel like I know what I want, I know what I’m good at, I know how to be more proactive in the things I want to do. I want to be more creative with my journals yet accept that I can only do what time allows. I want to enjoy the things I already do like blogging, tv, self care. I want to approach things in a positive way while being more I can do that, if not I can tomorrow, worst case I can accept that I can’t have everything yet I have a lot already. This year I’ll take what I get and enjoy it. In the back of this journal is also some stickers which I can’t find the heart to use yet. The pages are so thick, there was no bleeding in it as well as hardly any shadowing. The page thickness is 100gms. I’ll post again how I get on with my bullet journal come Spring time, when I’ll post my annual first bucket list of the year. I’ll also post a gratitude page as well as others I want to do. How do you get motivated? What are you good at? How do you be proactive and keep motivated?