Last week was the last week of half term which actually made me feel sad, I like having my four year old around. The house was in need of some major TLC come Sunday! I tidied up, I went through some boxes and found my old glue gun, I also found all of my photos albums. I wanted our last week together to be really chilled and it was. School life is hard on kids, my son is constantly exhausted so we didn’t over do it too much.

Luna helped me take the tree down, to be honest I was surprised it had lasted so long. Out of all the decorations on the tree the one I paid £7.00 for broke – good job I have a glue gun.

If I have not said it before I will say it now, grandparents are the best! Robs mum had Luna so I could take Logan to watch a film at the cinema. We went and watched Ralph Breaks The Internet, I’m not sure if my son was keen on it as he kept saying is it finished yet.

If you have not watched Vikings you need to, I’m hooked, in fact I’m addicted. So far in two weeks Rob and I have watched nearly three seasons.

I have started to use my Hand Lettering journal which I will show you soon. I will say now that I should have tested out the ink on the paper, at 160gms one of my ink bleed-through badly.

I took the kids to the park, of course Luna fell asleep the moment that we got there. My son kept asking to go to his cousins house which was cute, his cousin was at nursery, he said can we wait for him to get home? We couldn’t wait three hours. I did take him to the shop to get a comic so he was happy.

My son has also been drawing none stop for a few weeks now which pulls at my heart strings, maybe he is more like me than I thought – everyone has always said he’s my partners twin. Below he did two slugs to which I’m the bottom one, thanks buddie! Ha.

What’s Christmas? I mean let’s talk Easter apparently. You blink and all of the next holiday goodies are out months ahead. You can’t be mad at chocolate though, I guess it means more time to eat lots stock up for the occasion.

We finished the week with a takeaway seeing as it was a Sunday, why do we use days as an excuse? It’s Friday so I can drink wine? It’s Sunday so we cooked a roast, well we didn’t but that’s the generally saying. I do wish I could say that I slept in today as that’s a Sunday thing to do – my kids wouldn’t agree.

We did plenty more stuff like making puzzles, reading books and getting the hamster out. This week has been pretty chilled as well which I will share with you next week. I hope you had a lovely weekend? Tomorrow I am heading to the doctors to sort my insomnia out so I can have more energy to do things during the week. I have had insomnia for years now but with the school run, a baby to look after, myself to look after I need a lot more sleep than I am getting – 5 hours if I’m lucky! It comes and goes but this time after three weeks it’s not passing. I have tried every tip and trick google has offered. I’ll let you know if I can get it sorted, if not I’m open to more tips on how to fall asleep before 2, as well as how to stop waking up every few hours.