This is my first Treat Box review of the year! Which means I also celebrate my second year buying a Treat Box – I first posted about the monthly subscription back in January 2017. Over time I have brought and reviewed other subscriptions, I couldn’t afford to have more than one so the best stayed. I can’t say enough how as a parent it’s so important to find time for ourselves, it’s also important to do the things we love. Mine consists of baths, candles, food and opening my mind to new things to try.

Best for first? I love a good bath with a face mask on, my son wouldn’t agree as he thinks they make me look scary. I wonder what Luna would think! The round purple item is a fridge magnet which is current holding my sons star of the week certificate, I’m very proud of him.

I’m just not a herbal tea kinda girl, I’ve tried many different flavours and raspberry leaf tea is the only one that I slightly liked. The lip balm I did like, I got a lip balm in my advent calendar which of course I’ve already misplaced, that or Rob has had it. Have I mentioned before that the Treat Box do a advent calendar? I’m already planning on getting this years one.

I have always wanted one of those round phone holders that everyone except me has, do you have one? Now I have a ring clip that I’ve never seen which is unique. I found that it kept my phone a lot more steady when I took photos, of items, you won’t see me taking a selfie. When stuck on your phone you can also turn it without unsticking the whole thing.

I love everything about the print from the colour, the words and the different styles of writing. How has your new year been so far?

I have a few planners and the below one is by far my favourite, purple is my favourite colour. I like how the boxes are not too big so in a way I am limited to write only a few plans, I would feel less under pressure to do more. Next weeks plan, sort out my desk! Sort Lunas 1 year clothes onto her shelf and drink tea. Dream big they say.

This Box was a cute start to the year, a face mask, tea (if you like that kind of tea) , a planner , lip balm , a magnet which I could use to hold a page from the planner, a much wanted mobile phone holder and a lovely print. If this lot didn’t motivate me I don’t know what else would. What do you think of the stuff?