I have a problem! I am so addicted to watching Vikings, my partner and I have watched four seasons over the past three weeks. To make matters worse I have also been watching Call The Midewife (again) and I’m four seasons in, all in four weeks, how much telly time is that? I did mention last time that I was having trouble sleeping, after a quick doctors visit, some medication I’m happy to report that I have been sleeping a lot better. I am so tired though which I think is just a general January feeling most people get? January blues? I’m so ready for some sunshine now are you? I didn’t post my life last week post last week as I didn’t really do much the week before. I decided that this week I’ll do a bigger post and show you what I’ve been up to, well, what I ate as that seems to be my favourite thing to do while watching the telly.

I might as well just title this paragraph ‘food’ good food I may add. I found the mini melts in Lidl’s and found them delicious, sickly but worth the sugar intake. I’ve been buying/eating all the Easter goodness with no regrets – again as I mentioned doing the same thing last time.

I got some new storage units to replace some very old ones that needed to be thrown out. Is it sad that Lunas toy area is my favourite part of the house?

I went through all of Lunas clothes and below is what was left that still fit her in size 9 – 12 months. In the second picture is her 1 year stuff waiting to be worn, there’s so many pretty outfits ready for Spring.

Have you seen the my day in 15 seconds videos on Instagram? I thought I’d do a couple myself which you can watch below. Annoyingly because I was so focused on videoing my days I didn’t take any photos, one video is my day at my mums, the other is my day out in Truro.

I got to page 50 in the below book right before bed two weeks back, big mistake, I had zero sleep that night. It’s a book you need to read in the day and perhaps in one sitting. The start focuses on highlighting about worry, anxiety, stress, what causes it, it gets you thinking and I figure hopefully further in the book there’s way to deal with situations/feelings/thoughts. I was left with so why are you stressed so my brain was then on one all night. I guess it’s like going into a counselling session for ten minutes to which you can’t just then walk out mid convocation? If that’s a good way of explaining it?

All in all I ate a lot, I organised a few things, went to the doctors to help me sleep better and watched a lot of telly. The kids have played, been to school/nursery, seen their cousins so we have had a chilled normal few weeks. We are going to a soft play area on Sunday so there’s that to look forward to. I hope you have a great weekend, what do you have planned?